Timeline Of Our Dec 2018/Jan 2019 Escape


Everyone we contacted failed to investigate or file reports. 

  • Florida Highway Patrol
  • Naples, Florida Law Enforcement
  • Sarasota, Florida Law Enforcement
  • Florida Department Of Transportation called "Road Rangers" 
  • Georgia Highway Patrol
  • Lowndes County Georgia Law Enforcement
  • Valdosta, Georgia Law Enforcement
  • Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI)
  • Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI)
  • Nashville, Tennessee Metro Law Enforcement
  • Wilson County Tennessee Law Enforcement
  • Wilson County Tennessee Property Assessor 
  • Putnam County Tennessee Health Department
  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • National Security Agency (NSA) 
  • Michigan Law Enforcement
  • Farmland, Virginia Law Enforcement
  • U.S. Department of Justice
  • Office of Inspector General
  • Florida Fair Housing Investigator (Nicole's landlord was the brother-in-law to the driver   who critically wounded Nicole three days before a fraudulent TN Court of Appeals ruling)
  • Human Trafficking Hotline (We called despite being trafficked by the Clinton's with K-zar and his deeply-rooted Clinton connection.)

Emails sent:


January 12, 2019  WTVTinvestigates@foxtv (dot)com

January 12, 2019  FOX13tampanews@foxtv (dot)com

January 12, 2019  WTVTfeedback@foxtv (dot)com 

January 13, 2019 desk@charter (dot)com

January 24, 2019 jsmith@timesfreepress (dot)com

January 24, 2019 usatne.webmaster@usdoj (dot)gov

January 26, 2019 Jennifer.Kennedy@dos (dot)myflorida.com

January 26, 2019 sen.becky.massey@capitol (dot)tn.gov

January 27, 2019 usms.wanted@usdoj (dot)gov

January 27, 2019 john.hernandez@usdoj (dot)gov 

January 29, 2019 usms.wanted@usdoj (dot)gov

January 29, 2019 Nicole emailed her Nazi relative & received no answer.

January 29, 2019 info@iwmf  (dot)org

January 29, 2019 fncspecials@foxnews (dot)com

January 29, 2019 hannity@foxnews  (dot)com

January 29, 2019 americasnewsroom@foxnews (dot)com

January 29, 2019 cavuto@foxnews (dot)com

January 29, 2019  foxfriends@foxnews (dot)com

January 29, 2019  foxreport@foxnews (dot)com

January 29, 2019  FOXaroundtheworld@foxnews (dot)com 

January 29, 2019  irena.briganti@foxnews (dot)com

January 29, 2019  erin@brockovich (dot)com

January 29, 2019  60m@cbsnews (dot)com

January 29, 2019 newsdesk@independent (dot)co.uk 

January 29, 2019 mail2@nationsonline (dot)org 

January 29, 2019 cnntips@cnn (dot)com

January 29, 2019 tips@BlacklistedNews (dot)com

January 29, 2019 tnpao@live (dot)com

January 29, 2019 scott.m.betts.civ@mail (dot)mil

January 29, 2019 dvidsservicedesk@defense (dot)gov 

(More were contacted and will be added to this page soon.)




Copy of a letter sent to the DOJ

Dear Personnel, 

My husband and I are human-trafficking survivors. 

We are seeking assistance with the information we possess. 

Our information covers a broad range of qualifying areas within the DOJ's jurisdiction. Matters such as: cannibalism, mind control, slavery hidden with mind control, electroshock torture, hunting humans, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Masonic abuse, attempted pedophilia, missing people, a human meat distribution, and human meat sold in a Cookeville, Tennessee restaurant from 2001-2003.

Please note our lives are in danger. 

Death Threat made on 12.25.2018 by the cult. Robertson County, TN tags with a "Scream" movie mask (common "psych" game/warfare) and a chalk body outline on the ground. 

We were tortured by various members of the Putnam County Tennessee Police Department & 13th Judicial Joint Drug Task Force. 

We were never under arrest. 

A K-9 officer's wife went to the Putnam Co Jail to get their most powerful taser (possible 200K) to use on Ken and Nicole. The offenders took us to various police officers, fire fighters, and community leaders including the Cookeville Vice-Mayor, to allow them to "shock" us and to perform various dark occult/black magic rituals, (usually Masonic or Luciferian/Satanic). 

Ken and I "broke programming" when we "fell in love" and this is part of the motive for the coordinated torture executed on us. 

Justun J. Chaffin (1 of Nicole’s “Handlers/Finders”) and Ken’s “owner” were also present when torturing us with the Putnam County Jail taser. Justun “programmed” Nicole while electroshocking her at the base of her skull. Justun Chaffin brought his mother to help torture Nicole and Ken. Ken's owner and Justun would race to see who could hold the taser on us the longest.  

[Note: Many of our "perpetraitors" pretended to be Christians or upstanding community members.]

Action taken: [We contacted the White House/President Trump] 

Action taken: [I forwarded relevant information to my Fair Housing investigator because of the involvement with the Conspiracy/RICO/Fair Housing Violations/Retaliation.]

My husband served in the Army 82nd Airborne, was recruited by the CIA in 1995, and has been suffering from "erased memories" for almost 20 years while he was human-trafficked.  Recently he began having memories. He recalls Hillary Clinton was the one responsible for sending him to the "Cookeville slave ring".  She sent him to the slave ring as punishment for thwarting 9-11 plans.  My husband has additional information on George Bush and Hillary Clinton, et all. 

Kareena Villeneuve, Ken's half-sister, and Jesse Carter (self-confessed Dixie-Mafia member) were responsible for placing Ken in the slave ring as ordered by Hillary Clinton. Jesse Carter is beyond a "KingPin" of Meth. He is the leader of the human-trafficking, mind-controlled slave & drug ring. Christoper LaFever was one of the "Finders/Handlers" who took care of handling Nicole daily. He had address books containing the access codes to all the Monarchs he "found".  Another handler/finder, Justun, took Nicole to be human-hunted at a place known to Nicole as “Agees” near Gordonsville, TN on private property. Masons ritually abused Nicole inside their lodges/properties. 

Human hunting is referred to as “the Most Dangerous Game”. 

Standard Mind Control programming themes like Disney, Cinderella, & music weaponized with "Harmonics" were used by  CIA Operation Dantalion/ Dantelion. 

Our son, Brennen Templeton , was kidnapped by his infertile aunt Karena & infertile uncle Scott in 2010 while "babysitting" when Nicole had pneumonia. 

We have proof of the Color of Law crimes committed by Scott Villeneuve who is an officer in the National Guard and a former Brentwood, Tennessee Police Officer. Kareena is a Dark Occult “Adept” and can manipulate a darkly misted entity during spells. 

 In 2014 Scott, Kareena, and Linden Villeneuve kicked in our door, broke into our home, held us against our will, while Linden hypnotized us, Kareena performed Black Magic on us and they ransacked our home. I also believe they held me against my will several additional times during the summer of 2014 after we had just won the first case  in the TN Civil Court of Appeals.

Note: My husband and I filed a report for a break-in during the summer of 2014. 

 Kareena has my son in IMMEDIATE danger! Our son Brennen has been exposed to the same dark occult hypnotist that raped Ken and threatened to kill Nicole for her adrenochrome. This hypnotist is very dangerous and can alter memories.


Brennen needs someone to truly look into his well-being America! 

An attempt on my life occurred on 10.7.17 by Jonathon Blackmore leaving me seriously wounded. Now, my own attorney has sued me for a default judgement because I refused to release Jonathon B. of all liability once I realized he was the brother-in-law to Patrick G, my former landlord who just FRAUDULENTLY evicted me while retaliating against me because Jonathon critically wounded me.

This was not a “normal” car accident.

I was stopped at a red light and rear-ended at full speed, totaling the car I owned for two days. Jonathon never offered assistance to me or to my service dog that was in the car.  Nevertheless, he was outside of his car and almost to my door, when I sat up from being knocked unconscious. Jonathon appeared angry that I called the police. 

He never offered me any assistance.

I was hit so hard the curve in my neck reversed and over seven discs were pushed onto my spinal cord.

From the minute our son was kidnapped, we filed a 2010 Metro Nashville Police Report for his kidnapping; however, no one would investigate it because Scott Villeneuve was a Field Training Officer for Brentwood, TN and a Captain in the Tennessee National Guard. 

I now have conclusive proof of the various Color of Law crimes that were committed along with three kidnappings. My son (RH negative blood type) has been kidnapped by the SAME human-trafficking ring that had Ken and me in their clutches. 

I have complained to every agency in America since my son was kidnapped. No one would help me and no one would listen. 

[Since 2010, I have contacted the FBI, TBI, DOJ, TN DCS/CPS, Metro Nashville Police, The White House, major news, outlets, a myriad of Tennessee Courts, Michigan police, local politicians, DOJ Fair Housing, & my VERY unethical defense attorney for the car accident.

We have concerns for our safety with the knowledge of our regained memories, in addition to the attempt on my life in October 2017. 

Nicole has been targeted nightly for 18 months with drones, including Avatar brand drones, and “DEW” (Directed Energy Weapons). A fraudulent Tennessee Court of Appeals ruling came out 3 days after the car accident that almost killed Nicole. 

I can now prove extrinsic and intrinsic fraud for ALL related court cases.

I have no agency to turn to with my information. So many areas are involved in this massive criminal organization that has destroyed many lives.

It seems this is a task for only the Department Of Justice. 

(Case in point, even a TN COA Judge deleted my public speech from the TN Supreme Court Indigent Task Force records.)

Thank you very much. 

Nicole F***** & Kenneth T*****

Update:  Christmas morning death threat 12.25.2018 

Please help us America 

#BetheVoice #BringtheChange 

[Please check the GPS co-ordinates of all three Villeneuve's: Scott, Kareena, & Linden on the Saturday immediately prior to our home invasion of 2014 in Lebanon, TN. ]


Our lives WERE on the line after writing this. 

We were kidnapped, raped, tortured, and electroshocked in Florida and Georgia for writing this letter and going public. 

Absolutely NO ONE in America has helped us by investigating, filing reports, or offering us protection. 

See the Timeline tab for more details about what happened to us for speaking out.

Please SHARE our website and TELL our story




We try to get help daily for being tortured by CIA and human trafficked. 

However, not one federal authority, state authority, or local police has filed any reports or investigate and mainstream media has not covered the matter.

In our opinion, this is because of who are abusers are and what we have come to know since encountering Dixie Mafia boss and CIA agent, Jesse Oscar Carter, commonly called K-zar.. 

Jesse Carter bragged about trafficking cocaine in Mena/Benton Arkansas with Barry Seal when Bill Clinton was governor. After the Mena cocaine fiasco, Jesse relocated to Tennessee.


Please note: Jesse Carter has many aliases, homes, and cars in other states. We last saw him driving a Mercedes. 

From our experience, the world has a new type of slavery. 

It is everywhere and permeates all nations, races, skin color, financial status, and families. 

The "hidden knowledge" often used by secret societies and occultists, created two types of people in this world. 

Those who are "in the know" and those who do not know. 

Mind control appears undetectable, even to the victim. Mind control has different levels of depth and intensity. 

Such as: CIA MK ULTRA completely robotic slaves, what we call "standard issue" mind control, mind control operated with hypnosis, "NLP" and/or occult rituals, to manipulations in "mainstream" news (we refer to headlines these days as "advertisements" because it sounds like propaganda these days.), along with social media and it's paid disinformation agents 

BTW: While with K-zar, we met people paid actual wages for 'working' the internet.  

Wake up.

Analyze why someone posted a comment, has a certain goal or political viewpoint, and exercise your creative thinking again. 

Stop mind control now and "unplug" the A.I.'s used to place mankind in trances without your permission! 

Be the voice. 

Bring the change. 

Free u.s. ALL

The education system has been corrupted too, from using deliberately created for mind control methods such as Common Core/ Global Education to decrease critical thinking...to the current "University Blues" college scam, which is FAR bigger than the first indictment released.