Luciferian Satanism is the belief system of the people who have kept us prisoner in the Dantalion (mind controlled) slave ring. 

We do not practice black magic, however, are abusers did and they genuinely believed in the dark arts, such as blood magic. 

Most of our abusers are cannibals and harvest biological substances such as adrenochrome. 

Adrenochrome is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3 produced by the oxidation of adrenaline (epinephrine).

Hidden from the world is "secret knowledge" used by Magicians, Luciferians, Occultists, & Wizards.

Hidden from the world is "secret knowledge" used by Magicians, Luciferians, Occultists, & Wizards. 



Nikola Tesla said that 'if  we want to know the secrets of the universe, we should focus on the non-physical aspects rather than physical ones, that will speed up the inventions'.  

*Discoveries & inventions were made, classified, and withheld from the public. 

This 'secret knowledge' has been used on us all without our knowledge. 

Click here to view some of Telsa's 'unclassified' patents.


Living things and anything with mass/matter, vibrate due to energy. 

This energetic vibration can create wavelengths, frequencies, amplitudes, etc. 

The human body and it's organs also emit various frequencies. 

The frequencies produced by a human being when it is being tortured is of value to those 'in the know' who utilize secret knowledge against u.s. all. 

Suffering is akin to a measurable, quantifiable commodity. 


The quantum signature is akin to a 'signature of life'.

• Cathy O'Brien, a genuine U.S. Whistleblower for mind control, hypnosis, MK-Ultra, government-sponsored human trafficking and pedophilia, coined the unique spelling of phrases like 'SOULution', 'free u.s. all' and 'perpeTRAITOR' in her books Access Denied for Reasons of National Security and Trance-formation of America.

It is our opinion that she could be referencing the problem secret knowledge has created by exploiting our quantum signatures with advanced, secret technology.



Adrenochrome:A chemical compound (molecular formula C₉H₉NO₃ ) produced from oxidation of adrenaline.

Cannibalism is the act of one individual of a species consuming all or part of another individual of the same species as food.

*Ken and Nicole were forced-fed human meat in Tennessee while slaves in CIA Operation Dantalion. 

Most members of this ring/cabal practiced black magic and Satanism (aka Luciferians) and used 'secret knowledge' like mind control and advanced hypnosis to enslave u.s. ALL against our freewill.

We would be starved throughout the week, then  fed a "home-cooked" meal at Lisa Ann Hatt's (married name is now Brown) house on Friday. Our captors said this was to enhance our  "trance" and to lower our "frequency". 

The wife of a Putnam County K-9 cop, her name may have been Melissa, described the reason for feeding us such expensive meat in detail. She also went into the jail to visit her husband and "borrowed" the Putnam County jail 200,000 volt stun gun (taser) to electroshock us after our programming broke when we fell in love. This woman, Justun Chaffin, and Lisa Hatt-Brown each had their own personal taser, but the stronger one was "to be sure", quoting the K-9 cop's wife. 

*Also, a human meat market was being distributed through a restaurant. Nicole experienced two restaurants (Cookeville TN & Murfreesboro TN)  that serve human meat; however, the human meat franchise was thoroughly discussed by our abusers and is a nationwide network. Our abusers said that semi-truck drivers who transport the meat are actually mind controlled Special Forces. 

Our abusers also commented how if a restaurant has an on-site meat butcher room, chances are they dismember bodies there after hours, usually once per week. 

Mollie Catherine Smith Tuch would participate in this event if she did not make enough money waiting tables to pay for her "meat money". Mollie was a server who (usually) exclusively served local law enforcement members, firemen, and important members of the community on the mid-day human meat smorgasbord. 

Because Nicole was mind controlled and being held in slavery by Mollie and others, Nicole was allowed to wait on tables assisting Mollie where the human meat was served. This meat was hand-keyed into the restaurant's computer as a "Porterhouse". 

If a key person came into the restaurant during an off-schedule day and desired a "special steak", they could still be served one. 

This human meat was often in a plastic tub separated by colored wax paper from other meat like chicken and pork. 

Pork had one color paper, chicken had another, and the human meat had its own color. 

At one point some human steaks were stored near the grill with the normal steaks (cow). 

** We have called the TN Putnam County Health Department about this but they have not contacted us for information and appear to be 'covering up' this travesty. 

*The human meat served in public restaurants is separate from the human meat distributed on Fridays among this group of criminals. 

Lisa Anne Hatt Brown said her parents only ate human and received human meat donations from their "followers". 

Lisa's family professed to us to be from a long-line of cannibals, dating back to biblical times. 

Lisa's father explained how America has cells of cannibals everywhere. 

One reason for the many cells is their bloodline cult grew too large and had too many members for them to stay in one spot.


He also explained  a trip where a large caravan of them crossed America; meanwhile, several members would "slip away" during the journey and create even more cells. 

Mr.Hatt bragged how he was a leading "Christian" in the community and how well-respected he was. 

He wore a "daytime costume" while in reality he was eating brains of live people in his basement and in caves, and disposing of bodies in Mid-TN limestone sinkholes. 

He said his cult has been using the sinkholes for hundreds of years. Afterall, who would think to look into a deep sinkhole? Mr.Hatt admitted he was trained by the U.S. military in MK-Ultra mind control around the 1950's. 

He utilized technology to access the human biofield/morphogenic field that consisted of a "monocle", something to a keyboard, while using something that went on his hand. 

He could interact with the programming in our morphogenic field with this technology, much like the A.I. interface used in sci-fi/action movies Iron Man. 

Mary Hunter had something similar to this , but instead of a monocle, it was more like a pair of glasses that she could flip the glasses downward to visualize the programming. 

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Adrenochome (aka "DrenChrom")

One of the criminal enterprises/ cult's hypnotists, Tommy Moore/Doyal, threatened to harvest Nicole's adrenochrome in 2001. 

Tommy and his associates, such as Paul Crutcher, are cannibals.

* The key is if you are ever abducted by these criminals DO NOT FEAR. 

The lack of fear prevents the high levels of adrenalized blood they seek. 

Instead, praise God, sing hymns, and have NO FEAR.

* Tommy is also affiliated with the Farmville, Virginia massacres by members of his horrorcore music label, Serial Killer Records. 

His house is called the "Chop House of the Devil" and he is particularly nasty.

*Tommy Moore frequently abused our son Brennen in 2014-2016. We complained to our court-appointed attorneys who did nothing to help our son Brennen. 

We have audio and transcripts where Brennen discusses "fighting the devil" and being "made a ghost" at his friend' house. 

Brennen also discusses his indoctrination into Satanism, such as saying that the devil has defeated God many times. 

He also says, "God is dead." Brennen's aunt (now "mom") practices black magic, along with her husband. 

*Here is an audio recording quote from our visits with our son Brennen, at McDonald's in Springfield TN, while being indoctrinated into Luciferian occult "religion".

"The devil, he won! The devil won a lot of fights against God cause of his demon friends, and the persons who are IN WITH THE DEVIL!" 

(he said with emphasis- at age 5)

Sadly, we have other quotes & audio recordings.

*Since 2010, we have contacted the DOJ, FBI, Nashville Metro Police Department (kidnapping allegation&Color of Law crimes), Child Protective Services/DCS, T.B.I, countless media outlets & reporters. 

All to no avail. 

Please share this info.


Our abusers claim:It's energizing, psychoactive (hallucinogen), akin to psilocybin (mushrooms) &LSD.

Kareena Villeneuve, the occult black magic 'adept' practices Luciferian Satanism and many of her associates are cannibals.


She, with her husband Scott Villeneuve, kidnapped our son Brennen who is Rh-negative blood type. 

She told us abortions in America are for BLOOD SACRIFICE & rituals are performed daily to little "g" gods like Baal and Baphomet. 

Kareena said this when performing a spell in our Wilson County, TN home in 2014 while holding us hostage with her husband Scott V. (military officer& former cop), his father Linden Villeneuve, along with other members of their criminal network. 

The three of them also did this on 10-23-2010 at Kareena's house when kidnapping Brennen. 

When they accessed our military MK-Ultra mind control programming, first they hypnotized/tranced us, then Linden Villeneuve said a string of numbers and command words to open our "files", which appear to be stored in the body's morphogenic field. 

Often members of the community would accompany them when breaking into to our Lebanon TN cabin. 

From Justun Chaffin and his mother (her name may be Kathy), to the Carter family, to Nicole's employer at the Lebanon TN Bridgestone Distribution Center, to Paul Crutcher (CIA agent trained at the Farm), to Cumberland University staff members and students, to the judge (Chancellor McMillan) on Ken & Nicole's court case for Brennen, and also attorney Kimberley L. Reed-Bracey.

According to Ballotpedia, Laurence M. "Larry" McMillan is a chancellor for the Nineteenth District Chancery Court in Tennessee. 

He has served on the court since 2004 and was re-elected in 2006 and 20214.

McMillan's current term expires in 2022.

*Laurence, aka 'Larry', was one of Nicole's childhood abusers under the direction of her step-grandfather, Chuck Goff. 

Chuck told Nicole "Larry" was slated to be a judge, long before he ever became one.