CIA Confirms Power of Hypnosis in 1950's!

Declassified documents from the CIA in the 1950's prove that mind control can be achieved with hypnosis. 

The declassified documents state that the sound of the hypnotists voice can hold the "key" to a particular hypnosis session or program.

Case in point, Kenneth's half-sister, Kareena Villeneuve, is a hypnotist who keyed her voice to the programs she installed in us hypnotically. 

She also uses black magic and electric shock for mind control programming. 

Kareena does not need to be where we are located to access the hypnotic programs and commands.

Kareena used cell phone/ internet video chats to give us "updates" to her hypnotic mind control programs. 

All Kareena Villeneuve needs is someone near us to electric shock us (stun gun/ tazer), then to hypnotize and trance us.


Not only is Kareena capable of using a cell phone recording / video chat of her own voice, but she has also used cell phone recordings of other people's voices for hypnotic programming. 

With the use of cell phones, the hypnotist can be in a different state and access your subconscious mind! 

This is criminal! 

We have been held against our free will and kidnapped hostages of Operation Dantalion for almost 20 year.

Please share our story and help us get 100% free from Jesse/K-zar's criminal enterprise. 

(NOTE: If something ever happens to us, or if we die/ disappear/ or change our story (which means reprogrammed) check the private jet flight logs of Nicole's (ex) uncle Harry Hedaya and any other aircraft he has piloted. 

Also check Kareena Villeneuve's cell phone pings and GPS for proof she has traveled to locations where Nicole and Ken were being held prisoner. 

Also investigate Harry's "travels" for insight into the true nature of his "businesses and vacations". He and his new wife, Casey Bunny Barbie (i.e. Cassandra DuJack), are both pilots. 

In my opinion based on personal experience, Harry Hedaya is involved in more crimes than just the college admissions scam called Varsity Blues and our mind control torture and human trafficking.) 

Note: Kenneth's half-sister, Kareena Villeneuve, is a high-ranking member of Operation Dantalion and is involved in multi-state drug trafficking for the Deep State/ cabal. 

Kareena is cult members with Lavere Pisut of TN (blood magic occultist), Dee Willis, Joey Willis, Ron Willis, and others involved in our slavery! 

Kareena instructed Joey Willis to use periods of ellipsis ("...") when writing Nicole in emails as a tool in "handling" her because it was three of something. 

As an example regarding the use of multiples, Nicole's aunt Carrie would often say Nicole's name three times before "telling" (commanding) her what to do. 

Joey Willis and Kareena Villeneuve also discussed the use of other punctuation for mind control (ex. double/ triple question marks, exclamation points, hypnotic commands attached to an email address, the use of coded words, etc.) 

The Willis family is located at 2655 Holloway Road in Lebanon, TN 37090. 

Please demand they be investigated and their property searched for bodies. 

Like many of Nicole and Ken's other captors, they experienced difficulty keeping us under mind control. 

Check Jesse Carter's relative, Jeff Carter who lived 8 minutes from the Willis residence in Gladeville, TN.


Jeff Carter is related to the Florida Dixie Mafia boss named Jeffrey Carter. 

A few facts about Jeff: 

1. His girlfriend's name was Rena and they lived in a white double wide trailer that had been modified to look like a house with a double garage.

2. Public record of Rena and Jeff Carter's domestic violence near Gladeville TN

3. The back yard of the house faced an interstate, possibly Highway 109, and the backyard had a pergola. 

4. Jeff Carter (Dixie Mafia) trafficks drugs across state lines and was close friends with our Lebanon, TN "landlord" Mike Hunter and Mary Hunter. 

5. Related to Jeffrey S. Carter aka 'curly-haired Jeff' who is a Florida attorney and plays country music in Nashville TN. Luciferian.

6. Related to Deana Carter, country music artist and Luciferian.

7. The cabin we rented from the Hunter's was located at 4923 Chicken Road Lebanon, TN 37090. 

8. We made a Wilson County, TN (city of Lebanon) police report of a home invasion in the summer/fall of 2014. 

9. The timing of the "home invasion" should be near the first TN Court of Appeals ruling for our son Brennen and also near the date of October 7, 2014. 

10. Affiliated with Mike Hunter in murder/death of woman ~ 2013/2014 near Rutherford County/Wilson County TN. Lebanon TN attorney Hugh Greene allegedly represented Mike Hunter in case involving DUI and/or death of a female in TN.

Mary Hunter is one of our original  mind control programmers and she was employed at NASA, the V.A. hospital, and at military bases. Mary Hunter is a Luciferian.

One reason for the home invasion was to program us with hypnosis and black magic to drop the counter claim for our son's kidnapping. 

The 2014 court ruling from TN Court of Appeals was a REMAND for findings of facts for mother's counter claim for kidnapping, perjury, and abuse of process by Scott Villeneuve and his wife Karena Villeneuve. 

(We will post a BLOG to explain the UNLAWFUL courtroom tactics Tennessee uses to keep (mind controlled survivor) parents like Ken, Nicole, and Cathy O'Brien from getting their children HOME because LOVE is that powerful for healing mind control and FORCED behavior modification.) 


Kareena's husband, Scott Villeneuve, is a captain in the U.S. Army National Guard and in the Army's sex crimes division, yet they are COMPLICIT in multi-state drug trafficking operations, human slavery, mind control, blood magic/ black magic, and human trafficking. In addition to crimes committed on us, they kidnapped our son Brennen when Scott was a Brentwood, TN police officer and we have been electrocuted and ritually abused with our son Brennen at the hands of Scott, Kareena, and other members of CIA Operation Dantalion. We have reported these allegations to numerous agencies, yet with their hypnotic capabilities, can anyone actually interview them in person and not risk being hypnotized?


(Note: Metro police did not investigate Brennen's kidnapping and the state of Tennessee NEVER gave us a Juvenile court hearing to refute Kareena's secret custody hearing. This is against the U.S. Constitution! Kareena had an "Ex Parte" hearing in Robertson County Tennessee when she was babysitting Brennen due to Nicole's double-lung pneumonia, Ken's upper respiratory infections, AND her hypnotic mind control techniques. Tennessee never gave us the required "72 Hour Court Hearing" to refute her allegations. Our story about Brennen covers a decade and is nearly identical to what happened to the last genuine U.S. Whistleblower on mind control, Cathy O'Brien, and her daughter Kelly O'Brien Cox, in MIDDLE TENNESSEE!)

(Wikipedia is wrong. Cathy O'Brien is a genuine whistleblower on mind control and she did speak at the US Congressional Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Oversight about her mind control enslavement.  Her book, Trance-Formation of America, is comprised of excerpts from her uncontested, genuine testimony on mind control and hypnosis. According to public record and their testimony, the state of Tennessee stopped them from pursuing legal justice for her hypnotic mind controlled daughter, Kelly Cox, by invoking "National Security" in an open court room. Cathy also said her testimony at the US Congressional Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Oversight was also censored! 

It is time to REPEAL the National Security Act of 1947 and the 1988 Amendment.

 NOTE: Any foreign government who has a treaty (alliance)

with the U.S. must obey the same "National Security" standards. This prevents other nations from helping mind control survivors like us. 

We find it interesting that Tennessee's participation in "nefarious activity" is mentioned in the Mueller report! Please DEMAND the Federal government investigate Tennessee's participation in these crimes against humanity. 

Over the years, we were human trafficked in most all states, but have most recently been held hostage and tortured in Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. 



With hypnotism, you could be a victim and not know it! 

See our RESOURCE tab for more declassified CIA documents to educate you on what hypnosis can really do. The website called The Black Vault published all of the declassified CIA documents on Mind Control, hypnosis, MK Ultra, Operation Artichoke, Operations Bluebird, & related mind control matters. 

Mind control/ behavior modification/ thought reform/ brainwashing/  can be accomplished with a variety of means such as: 

  1. Hypnotic mind control.
  2. Narco-hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
  3. Electronic brain stimulation (ex. ECT- electroconvulsive therapy) and electric shock torture (ex. stun guns). 
  4. Trauma-based mind control.
  5. Harmonic-frequency mind control. (ex. effects of ultrasonic, microwave, and low-frequency sound. Utilizes patterns of sound, light, color, frequencies, & electromagnetic spectrum.) 
  6. Lidar technology, lasers, and human biofield/ morphogenic field/ Torodial energy field.
  7. Satanic ritual abuse (Luciferian occult rituals).
  8. Methods of torture: isolation, deprivation, forced-indoctrination, drowning, burning, modern and medieval torture equipment, etc- with the purpose of intentionally breaking the human will. Breaking the human will enables the ability to control the human body and mind.
  9. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (aka NLP)- The language of the subconscious.
  10. Purposefully creating D.I.D. (Dissociate Identity Disorder-formerly called M.P.D.- Multiple Personality Disorders.) For mind control, DID is often intentionally created by those wanting to control the person by utilizing advanced machinery, torture methods, electrocution, brutal rape and s*domy, child molestation, psychological warfare operations, and numerous other techniques.
  11. Conditioned reflex therapy & other forced conditioning.
  12. Drugs and poisons. Researched in-depth by CIA. 
  13. Forced amnesia and various memory alteration techniques. 
  14. Manchurian Candidates. 
  15. "Cell phone towers" that do not have cell carriers on the towers and are used for mind control. From Nicole's work experience in 5G Site Development, she was told by her employer that the giant tree-looking "cell-tower" near Tampa's McDill Air Force base was NOT for cell phones. Ask yourself why would they spend extra money to build a fake tree cell phone tower that had no cell phone carrier software on it? The answer is MIND CONTROL. (Nicole was mind controlled by her aunt Carrie Charles/ Carrie Hedaya and uncle Harry Hedaya in Tampa who owned a wireless (5G) company. This is how Nicole got a job in 5G and is able to TELL America.) NOTE: Tampa had an uncomfortable atmosphere from the 5G/ mind control tech in it. Areas like St. Petersburg, FL were resisting some of the technology and did not feel as oppressive. 
  16. Computer servers are HIDDEN INSIDE the utility poles and decorative light poles. Nicole saw the blueprints!

To stop these crimes against humanity we are sharing our memories and first-hand testimony; exposing the mental anguish, the torture of the soul, & forced loss of memory, to restore free-will for ALL of us. 

Kareena Villeneuve used the sound of her voice with hypnosis to "program & lock" Nicole and Ken.

Kareena Villeneuve used the sound of her voice with hypnosis to "program & lock" Nicole and Ken.


Stun guns can emit over 20 million volts & look like cell phones, key chains, flashlights, & rings!

20,000,000 Volt Stun Guns Are Legal!

Do you have unusual moles, birthmarks, or skin growths on your body? We do. 

From decades of electric shock torture we have unusual growths on our skin that were not always there. We have moles/skin growths on our arms, neck, back, chest, thighs, sides of buttocks, abdomen, and legs. Nicole also has burn marks that resemble freckles on her face from electrodes and was also internally electroshocked. Case in point, she recalls the first time the Masonic lodge near Chattanooga, TN switched from using external electroshock devices to internal electroshock devices to hide the tell-tale skin burns that can occur.

Stun guns come in a variety of forms: from looking like cell phone, to a tube of lipstick, a ring for one's hand, a flashlight, a keychain, a hand-held box, cattle prods, & cylindrical devices. 

Ken's sister, Kareena Villeneuve, brought a stun gun called "The Runt" (20 million volts) to Joey Willis' house because the stun gun the Willis family was using stopped working on Nicole (and Ken). 

Nicole was getting memories and her mind control programming was breaking. Over the years, many have shocked us during the night when they thought we were sleeping or during the daytime when we had our backs turned to them.

How does one defend themselves against a weapon like that? 

We know first-hand they can cause more damage than a bullet.

Join us and DEMAND these stealth weapons be regulated like firearms or outlawed!

There is no formal legal definition of projectile electric-shock weapons under international law!

Tazers (Projectile Electric-Shock Weapons)

Tasers/Tazers are a type of electroshock weapons with wired projectiles capable of reaching long distances. Tasers fire electrified pins into a target to cause long-lasting muscle seizure, neuromuscular incapacitation, erases memory, and scrambles the nerves and muscles.

New tasers are "wireless" and do not need attached cables for electrocution. These electro-shock projectiles can be fired from any 12-gauge shotgun, travel 300 feet-per-second, and reach over 100 feet in distance!

The U.S. Department of Defense has funded development for wireless tasers capable of reaching 300 feet!


There is no formal legal definition of projectile electric-shock weapons under international law, and different bodies use different terms to refer to these weapons. 

Stand up and say NO to electric-shock weapons!

Here's a stun gun baton (15-20 million volts) with flashlight for under $70 online. Make it illegal!

Electric-Shock Devices, Memory Loss, Cognitive Decline, & Dementia

From double-ended stun guns that deliver twice the shock to flashlights that deliver over 20 million volts, electric-shock weapons are brutal torture weapons that affect the brain and cause brain damage, erase memories, and dementia-like symptoms can result.

Stun Guns/Tasers are not considered to be a firearm by the U.S. Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms! 

People would demand this LACK OF LEGISLATION be fixed immediately if they were ever hit with high-voltage electric shock weapons.

Read here how electric shock disrupts brain function, causes memory loss, and symptoms like dementia.

From personal experience, we know that many human trafficking victims are electroshocked daily and are managed with mind control techniques, hypnosis, and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Start researching and become aware!







Operation Monarch 


The US department of Defense's original plans to research the Mind control phenomena was to determine psychological and chemical formulas providing the US with the "perfect" espionage agent. This quickly evolved into planning the "production" of the perfect soldier... government worker...slave.

However, German SS officer/occultist Himmler's research development scientists sent this search "for the "Manchurian Candidate" off in another direction ... PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETIC ENGINEERING.

It was determined that "absolute" mind control could be realized through specific tortures of the intended transgenerational Victim ...from the moment of birth!

Armed with this deadly research, a collection of "dedicated psychiatrists" from Germany, Italy, and the US, a new but ancient form of mind-control was reborn through Project Monarch.

Modern science had simply unraveled the occult cryptic so called "magikal" secrets of mind control...to spawn a new generation of "superior beings"...who could NEVER ASK WHAT THEIR COUNTRY COULD DO FOR THEM...BUT ONLY WHAT THEY COULD DO FOR THEIR COUNTRY. 


Project Monarch is a US Defense Department code name assigned to a subsection of the Central Intelligence Agency's Operation Artichoke later become Project MK Ultra. Whereas Project Monarch was officially dedicated sometime in the early 1960's by the US Army. Project Monarch is a genealogical approach to define transgenerational (via genetic psychology) behavioral modification through trauma based psychological mind control.

The original documentation which spawned this project was derived from collected intensive research previously performed by top SS German Nazi scientists (1927-1941) as the result of their interest in the multigenerational affects of occult psychology as applied in the nuclear family of known pedophiles. The identified leader of this research was an SS officer by the name of Himmler.

This German government Top Secret ("BLACK ARTS") research was originally considered to be a significant "bonus" by-product of the US Department of Defense's Project 63 A.K.A., Project National Interest. 

Project 63 was dictated to the secret importation of a group of German Nazi and Italian fascists scientists. This was accomplished in 1959 so as to reunite these scientists with their captured comrades from WW II. These scientists areas of expertise were primarily physics (rocket R& D), psychiatry (mind control/Psychological Warfare), and micro biology/ pharmacology.

Although Project Monarch information has to date not been declassified as was it's research umbrella from D.o.D. mind control studies known as project MK Ultra. 

It never-the-less has become a household word among a multitude of Intelligence Community operatives.

Project MK Ultra was exposed publicly in 1970 through law suits filed by Canadian survivors and/or their surviving families. These brave persons received the cooperation of Canadian Intelligence individuals and others who uncovered one of the CIA's original mind control research mental health facilities based in Montreal, Quebec Canada. Although the CIA and Canadian government settled the lawsuits out of court so as not to be required to officially admit to any wrong doing -- the secret was out.

Now, two decades later the United States and Canadian populace is beginning to feel the criminal atrocities being committed against them in the private sector as a direct result of the so-called "secret" mind control experiments.

Now, a wave of transgenerational occult mind control victims are so numerous within our general population that the US government has launched, through its vast network of CIA operatives; misinformation campaigns to cover-up this source of pure evil. One of the most prominent misinformation campaigns is targeting a supernatural source (rather than the CIA) with the justification label "spiritual warfare"... A.K.A. to Intelligence specialists as Operation Armageddon.

*The rest of Mark Phillip's article can be read at the Outpost of Freedom here. 




A CIA Finder often seeks new victims for the criminal enterprise or cabal.  

Previously, the CIA has been accused of having Finders in an abduction operation, such as in the Franklin Cover-up. 

From personal experience, this was true in the matter of CIA 'Finders Keepers'

Once the Finder obtained a new victim, that victim was never officially "let go".  

This covert network of criminals programmed mind control victims for the cabal's own purpose. 

Many of the Finder's around Nicole claimed to 'work' for the CIA, the 'Company', belonged to an occult/cult group, claimed to 'fly (or travel) often' and played 'the game'

This criminal enterprise deliberately planned what to do with the person they found. 

With mind control, they created a secret source of $ MONEY $ for the cabal. 

Utilizing mind/brain "files" with D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder), this network could turn you into a drug courier without your knowledge while you worked a normal 9-5 job. 

During one occasion with the CIA Finders and their criminal enterprise, their plans on what to do with Nicole was discussed as they played "the game". 

Some assumed they would "red shirt" Nicole, thankfully they didn't. 

When playing "the game", they often discussed "killing" people. 

In a matter worse than death, Nicole was added to a list for "Targeted Individuals" that night by CIA/Dixie Mafia boss Jesse 'Kzar' Carter. 

Jesse Carter/K-zar was a key member in the Deep State aka New World Order with a history of trafficking cocaine in Mena, Arkansas with the Clintons and Barry Seal. 

Jesse/K-zar had direct access to the Targeted Individuals (aka "T.I.") list. 

Jesse/K-zar told his subordinates he would begin using "V2K" (Voice-to-skull is patented technology) on Nicole to drive her crazy with (his) voice in her head.  

He also said he would use means of "Electronic Harassment" such as "DEW" (Directed Energy Weapons), Microwave Radiation, "Gangstalking", drones, and other means of Electro-Magnetic frequency harassment. 

Jesse/K-zar was true to his word! He has not ceased in torturing Nicole, along with human hunting in "The Most Dangerous Game", human trafficking, and using brain manipulating techniques like "memory wipes", hypnosis, NLP, and mind control. 

Jesse/K-zar used Finders for a plethora of reasons. 

Here are a few things they discussed. 

  1. Drug Mules and drug dealing. (Even better if they had a normal day job to provide alibi/ evade detection). 
  2. Daycare workers to molest children and create more memory compartments (mind files) in the children's minds from the trauma. Jesse/K-zar considered this the lowest job on the totem pole. 
  3. Snuff films. (They discussed burning Nicole alive or putting her in a rubber "nipple suit" prior to execution). 
  4. Nursing home workers. (To catch the last breath of a dying person. According to their occult beliefs, "magic powers" were transferred as a dying person took their last breath.) 
  5. Human trafficking, sex slave, pornography.
  6. Pedophilia. 'Pizzagate' and 'Pedogate' are real. 
  7. Actors and musicians. Voices can be harmonically tuned with harmonic frequencies; thereby, causing you to really like an artist, can't get the song out of your head, and it places the lyrics deep within the subconscious mind. (Music events are convenient for drug trafficking and mind controlled prostitution.)
  8. Athletes and/or areas of talents that could be financially prosperous.
  9. Hair dresser/ cosmetologist. Reflect on the societal 'norm' to tell everything to a hairdresser like one often does a mental health counselor. 
  10. Jobs or corporations who had literal 'contracts' with the CIA/cabal. 
  11. College or higher education. For purposes of meeting people while advancing degrees; meanwhile, advancing their criminal enterprise. 
  12. 'Sleepers'. The assignment created for the sleeper varied depended on the objective of the cabal. Such as: programmed violence, vocal 'conspiracy theorists' to be catch-nets for people waking up, False Flag (FF) personas, 'end times' programming, possibly even 'mind control survivors', and controlled opposition, etc. 
  13. 'Born-again' Christians. To be placed strategically placed in religious institutions with 'alters' that report on congregation members, especially those with faulty mind control programming. On a more disturbing note, this criminal enterprise & cannibals were actively HUNTING Christians. Also used to entrap Pastors/ religious leaders in adultery (aka honeypot), gambling, drug addiction, pedophilia, or other applicable crimes.
  14. Breeders. Slaves who produced undocumented children to be ritually sacrificed and/ or eaten. 
  15. Food. Many within this cabal simply preferred to EAT HUMANS. 

Here is a background on 2 of the "Finders" handling Nicole:

Justun Jacob Chaffin and Christopher Doyle Lafever

Christopher Doyle Lafever from Baxter, TN: 

Chris LaFever was related to Nicole's step-grandfather, Charles (Chuck) Leon "Sugg" Goff through marriage. 

Chris received the code words and keys to Nicole's Beta (Sex Programming) from Chuck Goff.  

At the Goff Cemetery in Baxter, TN is a headstone of Chris's relative named America Alice Lafever Goff.


Chris applied America's name to patriotic mind control themes when he was handling Nicole. 

Chris' father, a nuclear power plant quality control inspector, was also a Mason and his cemetery headstone is engraved with a Masonic square and compass. 

Jesse/K-zar had Chris "run into" Nicole to take her back to Lisa Hatt-Brown's trailer. 

In actuality, Jesse/K-zar began raping Nicole in his ramshackle cabin, but was stopped when Nicole 'came to' and began fighting back demanding he stop. 

Jesse/K-zar went into another room, in a low voice called Chris, and told him to come get Nicole, but for Chris to act like meeting Nicole was a coincidence. 

Jesse/K-zar also instructed Chris to move into Nicole's house as a roommate. 

In a much like a theatrical play, Chris and Lisa, with the assistance of others, created a dramatic situation to get Nicole to take Chris to her apartment. 

Because Nicole's ankle was broken (her arm was also sprained) for being a "runner" during the "Most Dangerous Game" and she could not work as a waitress. 

Electricity was turned off at her Cookeville apartment.

Nicole's aunt, Carrie, is one of her mind control handlers and is a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer. 

Carrie told, aka hypnotically-commanded with NLP, Nicole to get a roommate to pay the utilities and household needs; meanwhile, she would offer to pay two months rent. 

Unfortunately, Chris paid the utility bill to turn the electricity back one, pretending to be a hero saving the day. 

Now Chris LaFever was comfortably living in Nicole's apartment as a slave runner (for rituals, prostitution, & programming), her "handler", and "Finder" while controlling her every move. 

Phones would be unplugged, if food was ever allowed it was poisoned (or human meat), her crutches would disappear, and the psychological games of this cabal intensified. 

There was no way out, no way to escape, and everyone involved in Nicole's life proved to be a member of this CIA slave ring. 

(This is still the same today for both Ken and Nicole. Our social media account, such as Facebook, are jam-packed with members of this criminal network who have been watching our every move in event we "broke programming" again.)

  • As these criminals worked the slave ring, it is important to note they performed well-orchestrated and choreographed skits to induce trauma on the victims the CIA Freemasons/Finder's 'found'. 
  • For example, one phase was 'asset stripping' and inquiring of the victim's family members and friends to ascertain who had money. 
  • This helped produce new targets for CIA Finders. 
  • (Note: Someone in your life could be victimized by Finders and it cause this network to come into your life.)

Justun Jacob Chaffin from Tennessee, Florida, & Canada:  

Justun Chaffin ("Justun" is the correct spelling) claimed to move to Canada as a reward for kidnapping Nicole from her step-mother and father's house near 2007. 

Ken was on his way to pick up Nicole and *out of nowhere* Justun showed up. 

On one occassion, a Dixie Mafia member called Justun to pick up Nicole.

When Justun took Nicole to Kenny's (Leonard) blue house off Highway 70 in Cookeville, TN, Kenny made a statement referring to human-hunting Nicole at "Agee's" near Gordonsville, TN years prior.


Kenny exclaimed, "Game on".

Kenny was excited to be able to hunt Nicole again. 

One month Kenny didn't have the money for his dues to the local Masonic lodge and his Masonic bro', Chris Farley, offered to pay his them because they didn't want him to miss out on hunting and ritually abusing Nicole.

(Note: Chris Farley's (Mennonite?) mind-controlled wife broke program after secretly talking to another guy. A high-speed chase with police and property damage occurred as police (and Cabal/CIA/Freemasons) and 'friends' proceeded to take her back to Christopher Farley. At this time, Chris drove a white pickup truck.)

Justun is a Finder who has handled Nicole several times throughout the years. 

Justun and his occult Adept mother have been showing up throughout the years to perform rituals on Nicole and Ken. 

Justun, along with Lisa Anne Hatt Brown (bloodline cannibal)  and the wife of a Putnam County K-9 cop, used electroshock (tasers) to program Nicole (and Ken) because their mind control programming BROKE from falling in love. 

Love is a higher frequency than the dark, base levels these abusers utilize.

Mind Control perpetrators install a fake smile in their victims to assist in avoiding detection

Mind Control perpetrators install a fake smile in their victims to assist in avoiding detection


Mind Control Is The Oldest Secret On The Planet.

(Under Construction. Check back soon)

The CIA implemented widespread mind control on the American population and used traumas such as 9-11 to take control of u.s. all. 

The CIA has secretly placed people in CIA Black-Site type prisons such as airplanes, holes dug in the ground, large ships, international lands and waters, and also has Americans imprisoned in houses within America's shores. 

The Patriot Act helped to legalize this secret imprisonment without any hearings, right to attorneys, and no charges have to be filed for reasons to imprison you.

With the use of traumatic events and real-life torture, the human brain can be manipulated without the victim remembering the traumatic event or torture. 


Mind control must be exposed. 

Be the voice. 

Bring the change. 

Expose the CIA and CIA MK Ultra Mind Control. 

Expose hypnosis.

Stop Human Trafficking. 

Free u.s. all. 

Mind Control, Satanism, and the CIA united. 
Trauma-based mind control is oldest secret on planet.

Mind Control, Satanism, and the CIA united. 

Trauma-based mind control is oldest secret on planet. 


Mind Control & Black Magic Rituals

Satanists who practice Luciferian occult dark arts often have access to information that is withheld from the mainstream general public. 

This is often referred to as 'secret knowledge'. 

With the use of hypnosis and mind control methods, in addition to blood rituals, this 'left hand path' provides an unfair advantage over mankind.


It is time to expose this 'secret knowledge' by truly shining a light in the dark!

We have been ritually abused for decades by members of occult groups such as CIA Operation Dantalion, in effort to keep us from remembering what they desperately needed us to forget. 

We have been human trafficking victims for decades and Nicole has been sex trafficked most of her life. 

Nicole was born into the 'Program' which was a covert CIA multi-generation research project in genetic experimentation. 

She is a multi-generation mind control Presidential model, often called a Monarch, with an emphasis in military training. 

Check back for more information on trauma based mind control, S.R.A. 

(Satanic Ritual Abuse, and the Luciferians like Lavere Pisut who used hypnosis and ritually abuse on us for a very long time.

Here's Lavere Pisut of Tennessee in occult robes at her altar. She is one of Nicole &Ken's abusers.

Here's Lavere Pisut of Tennessee in occult robes at her altar. She is one of Nicole &Ken's abusers.



Harmonic frequencies can be used for mind control purposes by manipulating patterns of sound, light, vibrations, wavelengths, and frequencies. 

The study of the science of sound is called cymatics

During 1939 in Nazi Germany, Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels dictated 440Hz as the standard tuning pitch. 

This weaponized sound for mind control purposes. 

With the implementation of CIA Operation Paperclip in America, this same tuning pitch, or sound frequency, is now used throughout America. 


also known as 'Mesmerism', 

and hypnotic states of consciousness 

can be easily achieved with harmonic frequency mind control

by inducing certain brainwave patterns. 

This is similar to the hypnotic trance brainwave state that is induced within a matter of seconds while watching television. 

Once hypnosis is achieved, the subconscious mind is easier to access for what is often called 'programming'. 

From our personal experience we can say that harmonic frequency mind control programming is in FULL FORCE today, is aided by wireless technology, cell phones, (discreet) advanced technology, and other methods. 

This enables for criminal acts such as human trafficking, drug trafficking, pedophilia, mind control, and organized crime to hide in plain sight.




Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a technology, an attitude, a methodology.

Words are more important than we are told! Check the RESOURCE tab for PDF's describing NLP & Hypnosis in Advertising. 

Nicole's maternal aunt Carrie Charles/ Carrie Hedaya/ Hidayatallah is a 'Master' NLP programmer according to her website

Carrie uses mind control, hypnosis, and NLP to hide her criminal activities such as human trafficking and her participation in the Varsity Blues college admissions scam. 

Visit our BLOG tab for details of her involvement in creating and using the college admissions scandal, in addition to offering Nicole prospective employment opportunities with William 'Rick' Singer over the years. Carrie is not named in the recent indictment. 

Her former husband, Harry Hedaya/Hidayatallah/Murtaza Hidayatallah, is a pilot and self-proclaimed entrepreneur who aided in the design and creation of the college admissions scam. 

Harry Hedaya also uses hypnosis, NLP, and different forms of mind control, to hide human trafficking, among other crimes such as fraud and money laundering.



Mind control achieved via a variety of methods and technology.

1. Quantum Computing. Quantum Signature. 

2. Artificial Intelligence. How long have AI's been in use?

3. Sandia National Laboratory

4. Darpa 

5. Haarp

6. Hadron Colliders

7. Electromagnetic Weapons

8. Directed Energy Weapons 

9. Microwave Weapons

10. 5G, IoT, Small Cell, Mind Bridges

11. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tesla-type lasers and future-frequency displaying 'viewers' (aka Looking Glass-type technology). Nicole's relative of Nazi war criminal Hjalmar Schacht helped build advanced 'lasers'. 

12. Other Advanced Technology Used. Simulated realities. Consciousness transfer and human cloning. Memory alteration technology. Advanced healing tech is available but denied to mankind, except for certain members of cabal/CIA/etc.

(Check back for information update)

Here's an example of a "Pain Field Generator". Imagine what a satellite or cell phone tower can do!

Here's an example of a "Pain Field Generator". Imagine what a satellite or cell phone tower can do!



 Lidar technology is a new path for mind control technology. 

In the 1960's, the term “LiDAR” was coined as a combination of the words “light” and “radar”. Some people treat LiDAR as an acronym,  for “Light Detection And Ranging” or for “Light Imaging, Detection, And Ranging”.

Lidar tech is often portrayed as a type of "GPS" radar. It can be used for autonomous (self-driving) vehicles, mapping celestial bodies, mapping 3-D micro-topography images, "smart farming", and the detection of smog, pollution, and/or clouds of gas in "smart cities". Lidar can also be for "smart retail shopping" by analyzing what displays a customers walks by without stopping versus which displays made the customer stop. Combine that with the analysis of one's digital banking (don't you miss the days of good 'ol cash!) and you can accurately predict human behavior to increase revenue.

LiDAR works by rapidly firing lasers (up to 900,000 times per second in some systems) at a target, then measuring the time for the light to bounce off that target, and then travel back to the source. 

LiDAR appears to have the capacity to be the "new and improved" version of externally manipulating the human brain and mind (aka mind control). 

Check back soon for updates and patent information on Lidar technology.

Note: The driver of the car, Jonathon Blackmore, catastrophically injured Nicole in Tampa on 10.7.2017 for the cabal/Jesse Carter/K-zar/Dantalion members, etc. 

Jonathon Blackmore is an AirForce soldier who lived near Nicole in Tampa, his brother-in-law, Patrick Guercio, fraudulently evicted Nicole from Grande Oasis Condos in 2018 when he found out she was suing Jonathon Blackmore for the car accident. The Blackmore family is involved in 'Lidar Technology'. 


Carina Blackmore is the Florida Department of Health's new Director for the Division of Disease Control and Health Protection. 

Dr. Blackmore provides oversight for the Bureaus of Epidemiology, Communicable Diseases, Environmental Health and Public Health Laboratories. 

Days before the attempt on Nicole's lfie by Jonathon Blackmore, Nicole filmed a Facebook Live video about #Lyme #Mycoplasma and #Bioweapons. 

Nicole also spoke at the National Tick Borne Disease Working Group that reports to the Senate about her concerns for 'weaponized' biological warfare, 'Lyme Disease', mycoplasma, and other alleged b!oweapons.

 forIn 1 minute of t.v. viewing, brain waves switch from Beta to Alpha, stopping active logical thou

 forIn 1 minute of t.v. viewing, brain waves switch from Beta to Alpha, stopping active logical thou