"I can hypnotize a man- without his knowledge or consent- into committing treason against the United States," boasted Dr. George Estabrooks in the early 1940's. 

- Estabrooks, chairman of the Department of Psychology at Colgate University, was called to Washington by the War Department shortly after Pearl Harbor. 

Since he was the ranking authority on hypnosis at the time, they wanted his opinion on how the enemy might be planning to use hypnotism.

"Two hundred trained foreign operators, working in the United States," Estabrooks told the military leaders, "could develop a uniquely dangerous army of hypnotically controlled Sixth Columnists." 

-Except quoted from the book titled "Operation Mind Control" by Walter Broward. 

NOTE: The Operation Mind Control book and above quotes are verified by the CIA in documents released via FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and these documents are on our RESOURCE tab. 

*Links to other declassified CIA documents on hypnosis, trance, and mind control are provided by The Black Vault

For your convenience, we included numerous links to The Black Vault on our RESOURCE tab that covers millions of FOIA obtained declassified documents in categories other than just hypnosis, trance, and mind control!

According to CIA declassified documents,

You can be hypnotized and: 

  • not be aware of the hypnosis.
  • do something that you would not normally do.
  • have sex with people you would not have sex with.
  • have sex with a stranger and think it's your spouse.
  • relay secret communications between political parties, governments, or businesses (ex. carrier pigeon).
  • ordered to memorize confidential documents verbatim (literally word for word memory recall).
  • purchase something you would not normally purchase.
  • kill on command with no memory recall. 
  • the hypnosis can last 20 years- up to an entire lifetime. 
  • keep government secrets that you are not aware are locked inside your brain. (ex. spy and espionage)
  • have your religion changed without your permission or knowledge of the hypnotic switch.
  • "mind controlled" with hypnosis (aka hypnotic mind control).
  • be given drugs without your knowledge and without your permission.
  • be given chemicals via aerosol that cause hypnosis and trance. (We have had this used on us many times.)
  • be trained with hypnosis to only respond to a person's voice for a certain hypnotic program/command. (video clips of additional voices were played for us while under hypnosis by Kareena Villeneuve to reinforce her hypnotic commands.)
  • have point of reference, cues, and visuals, programmed into a person's subconscious to remind of the hypnotic command or to reinforce the program. (For example, every time we see a certain color, butterfly, stars, certain TV show, songs, logos, etc- we were to be reminded subconsciously of the hypnotic command.)
  • have personality changes created in you by the hypnotist. (ex. psychosis, gambling, forced criminal behavior, antisocial, etc.)

Wikipedia says, "Hypnosis is a human condition involving focused attention, reduced peripheral awareness, and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. 

It appears the TRUTH about hypnosis and trance is left only for those "in the know" to be used AGAINST u.s. 

How many times have you purchased something you didn't want or need? 

Language tactics, such as NLP and conversational hypnosis, are used to influence purchases, influence thought and behavior, and modify human behavior.

A good example of this was made by Nicole's first cousin who was previously employed by their uncle Harry Hedaya/ Hidayatallah (also known as Murtaza Hidayatullah) and aunt Carrie Hedaya / Hidayatallah (also does business as "Carrie Charles"). 

Nicole's cousin said that when she worked for Harry's company she never saw a customer say no to him! 

This was a call center for debt consolidation and also for mortgages. 

If a prospective customer was on the phone and was not ready to make the business decision commitment, then Harry or an upper level employee would get on the phone call and convince the person! (Using NLP, conversational hypnosis, and mind control programming). 

Nicole's cousin said in most all cases, no one ever refused to make the business commitment.

This is an unfair advantage over ordinary citizens and in our opinion, should be illegal!

During hypnosis, a person is said to have heightened focus and concentration, and an increased response to suggestions.  

Hypnotherapy- The use of hypnotism for therapeutic purposes.

Hypnotic induction- A series of preliminary instructions and suggestion, such as "you are relaxing deeper and deeper". (Not often used on us in COVERT hypnosis)

Stage hypnosis- A form of (deceitful) entertainment for an audience. 

Stage hypnosis is often performed by mentalists who practice mentalism. 

In our personal experience, we are electric shocked, hypnotized, and tranced together. 

Electric shock weapons should be illegal. 

Black Hypnosis is (secretly) performed without your conscious awareness of the event. =no memory

Black Hypnosis is (secretly) performed without your conscious awareness of the event. =no memory



Trance is often defined as a stupor or daze. Trance is the state entered when the physical body goes to sleep while the mind stays awake.  A trance state often involves   bypassing the critical mind to walk between the world of the conscious mind and subconscious mind. 

The less mental activity, the deeper the level of trance.

Normal levels of consciousness can cause much bio-electrical activity, often associated with the awake activity of the surface mind, called the beta level. When the trance state is entered, this activity is significantly reduced, causing many peculiar physical and mental sensations. Changes in brain-wave activity are measurable with an electroencephalograph, or EEG, machine.

The human brain has two hemispheres and each side is associated with different abilities and physical and mental functions. The left side of the brain is the rational and logical problem-solving part, while the right side is said to be the emotional, creative, and intuitive part.

Trance is an abnormal state of wakefulness in which a person is not self-aware and can be unresponsive to external stimuli, yet is capable of accomplishing an objective, and can also be selectively responsive in following the directions of the person who has induced the trance. (example: To only do what you are told to do!)

Trance states may occur against your free will, especially by using hypnosis. 

Layers of Trance

*Note: The description of "layers or depths" of trance vary according to research sources.* Currently we are studying what happened to us and how they were capable of achieving "mind control" using these techniques. Just like you, we are expanding our knowledge base to examine the earth's hidden knowledge more closely. 

Very Light:  you may become more conscious of your thoughts, physical sensations, and emotions.(i.e. mindful meditation)  

Light: A dreamlike state of consciousness: such as while watching TV, reading a book, or driving a car without remembering the actual drive during the trip.

Medium: One may have feelings of being “in the zone” (aka the "flow state").

Heavy: This stage occurs when we fall into hypnagogic and regular sleep states. Hypnagogia may be the fleeting state of consciousness occurring before we fall asleep as our conscious minds wind down.

Very Deep: Complete loss of consciousness, such as in deep dreamless sleep or a comatose state.

Hypnogogic Trance: We have read that A.I's have the capacity to put humans in a hypnogogic trance, even when fully awake!

*It is said that "trance" in occult and shamanism “open a door” to the other side of reality.*


Ways to Enter a Trance State:

Forced by an outside party- This is the method our abusers used to control us. 

Chuck Goff often tranced Nicole when taking her on long car trips for mind control programming sessions. 

Operation Dantalion members tranced us and maintained the trance state. 

Nicole also recalls doctors who have placed her back into a trance in their office during routine visits. 

Stare Upwards: This technique involves sitting in an undisturbed environment and staring at a certain point or object above your level of sight. 

While focusing on a single point, become aware of the walls or objects in the periphery of your vision; meanwhile, focusing on the point and your periphery simultaneously. 

Self-Hypnosis- Using hypnosis on yourself to induce a trance.

Breathwork- Deep breathing patterns can be helpful.

Prayer- Such as when bypassing the barrier of the rational mind's "list" often used in prayer and focusing on a deeper level of prayer. 

Mantra- Repetitive sounds or words spoken.  

Primal Rhythms, Beats, and Sounds- Often used by tribal cultures and shaman. Some use binaural beats with the corrected frequency and not the "weaponized" frequency standard modeled after the Nazi techniques.

Self-Hypnosis- To induce self-hypnosis.

Pendulum: Focusing on the use of a repetitive movement. 

Note: The child's toy called a fidget spinner may be able to hypnotize and trance someone, providing the ability to erase memories. 

For example, Chuck Goff disguised his daytime sexual abuse of Nicole during her childhood with hypnosis.

Visualization- A pre-recorded visualization or your own method can be used.  

Physical or Emotional Catharsis- Exertion exhausts the body and tires the mind. 

The conscious mind is the gatekeeper to the unconscious.  Hypnosis&Trance get beyond the gatekeeper.

The conscious mind is the gatekeeper to the unconscious.  Hypnosis&Trance get beyond the gatekeeper.


Trance & Hypnosis: Can exploit the body's electromagnetic field (aka Torodial/Morphogenic/M-Field).


Opinions on mind control, the subconscious mind, trance, & hypnosis seem to vary. 

Some say hypnosis is one way to go into trance; that hypnosis is not trance, instead it is one way to attain "trance".

Trance can help implant a thought into the subconscious (and so can hypnosis).

Hypnosis is when one person controls another, unless it is "self-hypnosis".

*Disclaimer: This is not medical advice, we are sharing our research as we try to understand how they are manipulating our minds externally against our FREE WILL! 


The brain has no firewall. 

This assists in mind control by exploiting aspects of the subconscious mind. 

The truth about hypnosis and brain wave states is another factor in mind control. (ex: watching television, hypno-stare/ hypno-glare, and sleep induced hypnosis)

Beta Brainwave

Alpha Brainwave

Theta Brainwave

Brainwaves Altered Watching TV

Brainwaves Altered With Cell Phones

Brainwaves, 5G, Small Cells, Gwen towers or 'Monopoles'



Some common times of hypnotic trance states: 

Watching television or listening to the radio while driving (great time to implant advertisements into subconscious), meditating, browsing the internet, driving long distances, right before falling asleep, reading a good book, watching a movie, daydreaming, working on a project, listening to an instructor speak, playing chess, public speaking, practicing martial arts, or hiking in nature.

*This is not the only way to be in a trance. These examples are for understanding how trance is already a part of our lives and how  this 'secret knowledge' is used for mind control, covert hypnosis, and for manipulating the subconscious mind.


Mind control uses the subconscious mind and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Downtime in NLP is having all sensory inputs focused inward. 

There will therefore be no attention available for outward attention. 

You see downtime in kids quite a lot. 

They will be playing one minute, and then just staring into the distance the next. 

You could call it a trance state, but downtime is closer to what is happening internally. 

When experiencing a “Downtime Trance”, your brainwave activity may switch from “Beta Brainwave” (Meaning that you are experiencing a standard waking consciousness), and has transitioned into either an “Alpha Brainwave” (which is basically a light to medium trance) or a “Theta Brainwave” (which is basically a medium to deep form of trance akin to hypnosis) which allows you to more easily recognize and focus on what’s happening *inside* yourself.


Mind control uses the subconscious mind in NLP uptime trance states. 

The study of mind sciences has been kept secret from the general public, mainstream news and information sources, often only allowing those 'in the know' to access the true knowledge and power of the mind. 

Brainwave activity may be altered from a standard “Beta Brainwave” to a “High Beta Brainwave” or a “Gamma Brainwave” which allows you to more easily focus on what’s happening *outside* yourself.

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Trance states, mind control, and hypnosis have been used throughout time by those who practice magic. 

From seers to witchdoctors, this is a common practice used to tap into the subconscious mind and other levels of consciousness.