Background Information On Why We Need Your Help

We need your help getting back on our feet because we have been brutalized, human trafficked, and tortured for many years by the Dantalion slave ring, which is led by a man called K-zar.

We are homeless and a helping hand. 

Living in a car is difficult because most cities have ordinances prohibiting sleeping in a car. We cannot separate in a shelter. We need each other presence for protection from anyone attempting to take us back to the Dantalion ring, or using electric shock and hypnotism. Due to the trauma we have endured, our beloved dogs help provide emotional support as we heal from mind control. Our animals help with our disabilities, PTSD, and Nicole's traumatic brain injury. 

Because K-zar robbed us while torturing us in Florida for speaking out and creating this website, we are starting over with absolutely nothing.

K-zar systematically stripped all assets from us in effort to keep us within his control. For example, he was involved in disabling both our vehicles to keep us from getting away from him! Moreover, he directed a corrupt Florida mechanic named Daniel to steal Nicole's Ford Explorer under the guise of repairing it. Nicole reported the theft to Florida officers, but they would not file a report. This vehicle is stolen! 

K-zar and Nicole's aunt/handler Carrie Charles/Hedaya orchestrated the timing Tampa car crash on 10.7.17 that critically wounded Nicole, although the driver was Jonathon Blackmore. Nicole was stopped at a red light and Jonathon hit her full-speed in a 55mph zone. Nicole has several spinal cord injuries in her neck and back, multiple bulging/herniated discs, a traumatic brain injury, and multiple meniscus tears in both knees. Ken is disabled due to injuries he sustained while in service in the Army.

We barely escaped Florida with our lives and had not eaten in weeks, when police from the same Georgia county that stopped us going down to Florida, showed up to a Lowes parking lot in Valdosta, Georgia to tow Nicole's father's car. We and our two dogs were forced to walk on foot out of town despite informing the police we needed help and were human trafficking survivors who had been brutally tortured. 

With no shelter or food, we were forced to live in the woods during days and nights of cold winter rain. We walked in the freezing temperatures on Sunday to church. Thankfully they helped us. When they went to feed us, Nicole vomited repeatedly because it had been so long since we had eaten. 

Prior the Georgia fiasco, as we were escaping K-zar in Florida, we survived only on a jar of raw honey and some tap water, but we did not always have water. Furthermore, the Florida DOT left us stranded in the hot sun with a dead car battery for 24 hours, which caused the windows to not roll down, and we had no access to water for us or our dogs. A DOT camera was within view of our car and we made multiple phone calls to the DOT/Road Rangers, but to no avail. 

DEMAND an investigation into our allegations. 

It is true miracle that we have made it this far since we escaped January 11, 2019.

Over the years, when we 'broke programming' we went to various places asking for help, such as designated human trafficking centers or hospitals, but would be electroshocked and returned to K-zar. K-zar along with Scott and Kareena Villeneuve are affiliated with the Dantalion slave ring, the Clintons, and the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundations is aligned with the human trafficking hotline. Furthermore, we have called Lebanon TN police and Paul Crutcher, K-zar, and/or other Dantalion members would show up. K-zar also hurt us at Rest Areas when we stopped for bathroom breaks and sleep.

For the sake of other human trafficking victims, this cycle needs exposure.

Every law enforcement agency we contacted to report crimes or provide information on missing  persons claimed lack of jurisdiction. 

Our emails regarding our knowledge of 'alleged' Patriot Act violations have not been answered. 

Some of our abusers claim to have immunity form criminal prosecution, even for matters of National Security. This should not be allowed in America.

Here are some of the agencies we contacted: 

FBI, DEA, Customs, Homeland Security, DOJ, OIG, CIA, NSA, Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, Metro Nashville police, Farmville Virginia police, Georgia Bureau of Investigations, Florida Bureau of Investigations, and State Attorney Generals. We also contacted major news media.

It is UNUSUAL to contact so many people and have no one listen (yet).

K-zar even showed up at hospitals and we were returned to him. We have called Lebanon TN police and Paul Crutcher, K-zar, and/or other Dantalion members would show up. K-zar was involved with evicting Nicole from her Tampa condo and she provided a plethora of facts to a Fair Housing investigator. Since K-zar recently captured us again, we have not heard one word from the Florida Fair Housing Investigator. It is also worthy to note that her case was originally in the DOJ's hands, but somehow it was transferred to Florida. Nicole found conclusive proof that the driver of the car, Jonathon Blackmore, was the brother-in-law to her condo's Property Manager, Patrick Guericio. 

This is criminal and Nicole's Fair Housing matter needs to be investigated.

Currently we sleep on alternating shifts to prevent anyone from electrocuting us again. We recovered memories of people tasering us as we slept ,in addition to using a type of 'sleep hypnosis' that affects the listening subconscious while the physical body is asleep. 

There is also a chemical that can be sprayed in your face and render you immobile, in some form of unconsciousness and/or hypnotic trance. 

We promise to be trustworthy with any donations.  

We desire to start over FRESH and FREE in a HOME of our own!

We've primarily eaten only ramen noodles, beans, canned tuna, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since January 11, 2019. 

We are praying for a day we can cook meals in a HOME and eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

America needs to develop a better path for survivors of human trafficking and mind control. 

If you are wondering why you have not heard about mind control and the effects of hypnosis, one reason is because mind control has previously been censored for National Security. Furthermore, any country that is our ally and has a treaty with us must respect America's National Security matters and can not discuss things like mind control. This dates back to the National Security Amendment of 1947 and the Reagan administration amendment of 1988

Share our story with everyone you know.

We hope you donate to help us regain a home and get back on our feet. 

For the most part, we have not slept in a bed since Summer 2018.

We look forward to having a 'normal' life with our basic needs met. 

Thank you for visiting Through The Trance. 


Nicole and Kenneth

'Two CIA MK Ultra slaves who fell in love & the LOVE broke their mind control programming'.

We have escaped K-zar, our human trafficker & torturer, and need help getting back on our feet.
We have escaped K-zar, our human trafficker & torturer, and need help getting back on our feet.