K-zar, Our Torturer & Human Trafficker, Stripped Us Of All Resources Trying To Keep Us In Control

We need your help getting back on our feet because we have been brutalized, human trafficked, and tortured for many years by a man called "K-zar" (one alias he uses is Jesse Oscar Carter). K-zar/ Jesse professes to be the head of the Dixie Mafia, a member of the Clinton Crime Family, and a key player in the Deep State (formerly called the NWO). He has his hands in a variety of criminal activity, including international crimes, smuggling children, and he is a Luciferian. K-zar put Nicole into (mind-controlled) slavery as a child, along with her father, mother, and grandmother. He had a vendetta against Nicole's family because her great-great-great grandfather, Benjamin Bentley Allen, founded the "Valley of Nashville" (in Tennessee) Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. K-zar thought his relative (last name Carter) should have been the true founder. He also framed Nicole's father for a double homicide in the 1980's because her dad "kept breaking trance". Ken was placed into K-zar's (mind-controlled) slavery ring at the direction of Evergreen (Hillary Clinton) and Timberwolf (George W. Bush) for thwarting nuclear attacks intended for 9-11 in Operation Blackberry and Operation Candlesticks. The person who coordinated Ken's entrance into K-zar's slave ring at the direction of Evergreen and Timberwolf was his half-sister, Kareena Villeneuve, who is a dark occult "Adept". As an "Adept" Kareena's eyes turn solid black when she summons the demon from the abyss that possesses her. By spending time visiting "Through The Trance" and exploring our Research database, you will gain understanding on this "secret knowledge" hidden from mankind, which utilizes secret societies, occult activities, hypnosis/trance, mind control, technology, & other covert methodologies. 

We, Ken and Nicole, are able to pay the $18 per month fee for this website with his Veteran's Disability check. Kenneth is a 50% disabled, service-connected veteran of the U.S. Army. Currently, K-zar has systematically stripped all assets from us in effort to keep us within his control. He was also involved in the near-death car crash on 10.7.17 that critically wounded Nicole. She has several spinal cord injuries, multiple bulging/herniated discs in her back, a traumatic brain injury, and multiple meniscus tears in both knees. With Ken's small disability check we are able to maintain a cell phone and the encrypted email account. We also have some existing bills that are automatically withdrawn from Ken's account. 

K-zar/ Jesse was involved in disabling our vehicles to keep us from getting away from him. He also directed a corrupt Florida mechanic to literally steal Nicole's Ford Explorer under the guise of repairing it, while K-zar was raping us, electrocuting us, and torturing us on tables immediately after we began recovering our memories. We have reported the abuse and theft to numerous Florida law enforcement officers, but none would file reports or investigate. K-zar is THAT connected. We barely escaped Florida with our lives and had not eaten in weeks, when Georgia police stopped us (again) and towed Nicole's father's car. Nicole and Kenneth, along with their two dogs, were forced to walk on foot in winter and had to live in the woods until we could get to a church for help. The police told us if we were seen in town we would be arrested for vagrancy; thereby causing us to live in the woods during days of rain for almost a week. Thankfully a church did help and when they went to feed us, Nicole vomited repeatedly because it had been so long since we had eaten. We were able to survive on a jar of raw honey in the car, along with some tap water, but we did not always have water. (Even the Florida DOT left us stranded in the hot sun with a dead car battery for 24 hours, causing the windows to not roll down, and no access to water. A DOT camera was within view of our car and we made multiple phone calls to the DOT/Road Rangers, but to no avail.) It is true miracle that we have made it this far since we escaped January 11, 2019. We no longer have access to Nicole's fathers vehicle, are stranded, and have been for two months. A couple times a month, Ken calls a cab ($40 to go 5 miles roundtrip) to get basic food such as peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, in addition to food for our dogs. Even our animals were skinny when we escaped K-zar's torture. 

K-zar robbed what little cash we had in the bank when he recently tortured us for speaking out. Therefore, we are starting over with absolutely nothing. Over the years, when we "woke up" from the mind control and went to designated human trafficking centers, we would be electroshocked and returned to K-zar. Afterall, K-zar is affiliated with the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation is aligned with the human trafficking network hotline. Our struggle for freedom has been a continuous event for decades because K-zar knows so many people. We have even been sent back to K-zar through hospitals! We have also tried private centers for human trafficking victims, but that also caused us to be returned to K-zar's network. We contacted every law enforcement agency we can think of, trying to report the crimes we are remembering, but our emails are never answered, and our phone calls and 9-11 calls are dismissed citing "lack of jurisdiction". 

What we need help with is purchasing a vehicle, getting it registered, tags, and insurance, and gas money for a trip far away from the South. Even though K-zar's network does span the entire country, to be able to leave the South would be ideal. If anyone has a camper-van or towable camper they could donate, that would provide us with shelter. Living in a car is difficult because most cities have ordinances prohibiting sleeping in a car. K-zar even snatched us from Rest-Stops in Florida several times! K-zar was also involved with evicting Nicole from her Tampa condo and she has provided a plethora of facts to a Fair Housing investigator. Since K-zar recently captured us again, we have not heard one word from the Florida Fair Housing Investigator. It is also worthy to note that her case was originally in the DOJ's hands, but somehow it was transferred to Florida. Nicole found conclusive proof that the driver of the car who hurt her in the car accident was the brother-in-law to her condo's Property Manager! Also Nicole's Florida drivers license was suspended for lack of car insurance and she was going to pay it, but when K-zar took all our money, it left us unable to pay the ~$200 fine plus new proof of insurance. As we explain our plight to you, please keep in mind that the world is full of human trafficking victims who face the same stripping of assets to ensure they cannot get away if their mind control programming ever breaks.

After everything we have survived, we are too scared to separate from each other. Currently we are sleeping on alternating shifts to prevent anyone from electrocuting us again. We have regained "memory flashes" of people tasering us over the years as we slept. They also have a chemical that can be sprayed in your face and render you immobile, in some form of unconsciousness. 

We promise to be trustworthy with any donations. We do not drink alcohol or use drugs. We just want to be able to get as far away from our abuser's network as possible and start over fresh and free. We will continue to share our memories on this website as we recover them. Mind control is a pervasive thing and it takes a safe environment and time to deprogram by writing down our memories on paper before we verbalize them. We have began participating in podcasts and will embrace leads on quality shows with which to present our information. We could also benefit from being able to afford to eat fruits and vegetables on a frequent basis again! Living on a shoestring budget is hard for anyone, especially when trying to recover from decades of human trafficking and mind control. One thing America needs to develop is a safer path for recovery from human trafficking and assistance getting back on one's feet. With our testimony, we aim to be the light in the dark for these matters and provide the path to freedom for many. We are not the only mind controlled slaves in America or worldwide. Usually the matter has been censored for "National Security" and that is why you have not heard of these things. Furthermore, any country that is our ally via a treaty with us, the country must respect "National Security" matters and not discuss things like "mind control". This dates back to the National Security Amendment of 1947 and the Reagan administration amendment of 1988. 

Thank you for reading about our situation here at "Through The Trance". Please help us get 100% free from K-zar and his criminal enterprise. Freedom means everything to us!


Nicole and Kenneth

Two CIA MK Ultra slaves who fell in love & the LOVE broke their mind control programming!

We have escaped K-zar, our human trafficker & torturer, and need help getting back on our feet.

We have escaped K-zar, our human trafficker & torturer, and need help getting back on our feet.