Tabitha Tudors of Nashville was killed by cannibals. Look in deep Mid TN sinkholes.

Tabitha Tudors of Nashville

Tabitha was "found" in 2003 by members of a cannibal cult and died on day 6 of her being tortured in front of us in a cave by the cannibals. The cannibals had her captive one day prior to bringing her to the cave. Tabitha's meat tasted bad to them because she was not afraid. She did not produce ADRENOCHROME & her meat tasted SOUR to them. 

Tabitha sang hymns & quoted the bible with us (we were all strapped from head-to-toe in chairs) as they cut on her. Because Tabitha did not fear her abusers, they could not eat her. Instead the cannibals threw pieces of her into the fire! Tabitha felt no pain and was clearly with Jesus when she died. 

 *Look for her body in a deep sinkhole in TN, wrapped in a rug. 

**No one will investigate our claims because the one's investigating were part of the cannibal cult. This was said by the very cannibals who had her. 


Unknown Male Murdered by TN Cannibals

A man was eaten alive while Ken & Nicole were forced to watch. We were told if we renounced Jesus Christ as our savior, they would quit eating the male victim. If we can get the ANTIDOTE to the chemical memory wipe given to us, then we can provide his name and information for his family to have closure. This guy said he had a wife and kids. 

*Ken and Nicole witnessed many other victims die, not just this unknown man. If you are missing a loved one from any location in America, DEMAND that Ken & Nicole be given the antidotes to the memory-erasing drugs given to see if it is your family member. 

*When undergoing trauma like this, the human body photographically records the events of the trauma. This is reported to be the case in professionally-trained CIA MK-Ultra mind control persons like us. We WANT to help, please share this information so we CAN help!


Holly Bobo of Tennessee

We were told that Holly's "finders" were unable to sell  her on the black market because it was "too hot". The Tennessee trial did not mention "Satanic Ritual Abuse" but in our opinion, this was a branch of the same criminal enterprise. 

*Visit the website www.billwarnerpi.com for information from a Florida private investigator who solved the Bobo case, long before the TN TBI did. 

*Many people feel this case was a travesty of justice, especially because several individuals including Jason Autry were offered immunity. Online information stated Jason Autry served little prison time before being offered the possibility of parole (6 months), possibly for a gun/weapons charge. Riverbend Maximum Security Prison in Tennessee does not have detailed information available at this time; however, here is the link. Holly deserved better justice than she received in Tennessee. We can help provide more information and prevent this network of criminals from taking/finding any more victims. Please demand we receive the antidote to the chemical memory "wipes" given to us that alter the brain's neurotransmitters.