Cabal and Corruption

Hillary Clinton gave a Blackberry to Kareena and Scott Villeneuve and to key members in the cabal.

Learn about the Hillary Clinton email scandal and what really happened to her Blackberry devices. 

We know first-hand 

people who had Hillary Clinton's devices 

and we have details on the ordered destruction of the Blackberries 

and the required video livestream to HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton).

For example, Kareena and Scott Villeneuve had a HRC Blackberry, HRC Ipad, and HRC flip phone.





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DEMAND a Federal investigation into Kareena's use of hypnotism and 'alleged' PATRIOT ACT violations.

Kareena Villeneuve used hypnosis to command (aka program) Nicole to buy guns for crimes to be committed, including domestic acts of terrorism.


Thankfully, our mind control programming broke and we did not follow their orders.

See the blog for details.


These 'alleged' U.S. Patriot Act violations have been reported to the United States government. 

Our perpeTRAITORS have admitted 

they are FREE from criminal prosecution, 

even for matters of National Security.




Too Close For Comfort

Nicole's aunt and uncle helped create the Varsity Blues college admissions scam in the 90's.

Nicole's family members helped create the Varsity Blues college admissions scam in the 1990's with William 'Rick' Singer in Southern California. 

While under mind control, 

Nicole's family offered her jobs in the college scam several times.

Nicole's aunt Carrie Charles (nee Hedaya) and ex-uncle Harry Hedaya helped Rick Singer with the admissions college scam.

(Carrie/Harry use many names or aliases: Carrie Hedaya, Carrie Hedayatallah, Carrie Twardy, Carrie Prusa, Carrie Charles. Lynn and Lyn for her middle name) and Harry Hedaya (aka Harry Hidayatallah, Murtaza Hidayatallah, also spelled Hidayatullah with a 'u').

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Dantalion Slave Ring

CIA Operation Dantalion is operating within America's borders using mind control for trafficking.

Dixie Mafia boss and Deep State leader, Jesse Oscar Carter (commonly called 'K-zar') maintained a network of human slavery that utilized mind control for human trafficking, drug trafficking, and other criminal purposes for the cabal

 (Jesse Carter admitted he trafficked cocaine for the CIA with Barry Seal in Mena,Arkansas with the Clinton Crime Family & the Dixie Mafia before relocating to Tennessee).

We have been strategically moved from place-to-place and human trafficked depending on the CIA's and Jesse's objectives.

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Hillary Clinton & George Bush Sr sent Ken to the CIA Dantalion slave ring to be supervised by Jesse/ K-zar and Kareena Villeneuve when he thwarted multiple nuclear attacks intended for 9-11.

Both Ken and Nicole have been ritually abused by Hillary Clinton, unethically hypnotized, mind controlled, & electric shocked daily.

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Freemasons and Secret Societies

Our abusers usually belong to secret societies, such as Freemasons, and practice occult black magic.

Our abusers have one thing in common. 

Secret knowledge. 

This 'secret knowledge' has given them an advantage over mankind. 

With this knowledge they have mastered undetectable, robotic mind control.

Many of our abusers belonged to secret societies such as 

Freemasons, Scottish Rite, Shriners, Eastern Star, etc. 

Our abusers were (often) Luciferians/ Satanists who practiced the dark occult arts (aka Black Magic & blood rituals).

Many/all of our occult abusers were CIA-affiliated, CIA employed, or prominent political personnel. 

From our experience, many cult members and secret societies now function as one cohesive unit.

It's been said these groups 

(mafia, gangs, secret societies, dark occultists, and mind control government researchers) 

merged to serve a united purpose in covert worldwide mind control.

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Bioweapons, 'Lyme', Mycoplasma and Mind Control


It appears 'BIOWEAPONS' 

such as B-cell AIDS 

(not to be confused with T-cell AIDS), MYCOPLASMA infections 

and fungal infections 

ASSIST in mind control.


While researching neurotransmitters & the chemical memory 'wipes' used on Kenneth and Nicole, Nicole realized these 'bioweapons' affected the brain & body to assist in the widespread deployment of mind control.

Check out TruthCures, Action Lyme, and the Lyme Disease Whistleblower Kathleen Dickson. 

Kathleen blazed the way and shined the light on the mechanism of the disease.

(ex: immunosuppression - NOT autoimmune)



*Also, check out Daniela Grace of the book America is Infected


This is NOT medical advice! 

We are not medical doctors. 

This is our personal research we are sharing for education only. 

It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


Welcome to the 'Through The Trance' Blog

Slavery still exists in America! 

Modern-day slavery is concealed with cloning, advanced technology, hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Associative Conditioning and Mind Control techniques such as MK Ultra,.

 We have been imprisoned by the CIA and in slavery in CIA Operation Dantalion for decades and have recovered enough to TELL.

Here's our story.