Kenneth and Nicole met in Cookeville, Tennessee during the summer of 2001, while literally slaves in CIA Operation Dantalion at CIA agent, Paul Crutcher's rented basement. When Ken and Nicole fell in love and it broke their MK-Ultra programming.  

Paul tried to access Nicole's 'Beta Kitten' mode and her 'keys' did not work. Paul immediately screamed, 'But I have your keys! Are you in LOVE?' 

LOVE can HEAL MK-Ultra Mind Control 

Within days, the CIA and a SWAT team arrived at Paul Crutcher's rented basement behind the Cookeville Pilot Truck Stop. According to 'Suit' (Paul's term for a member of Nicole's Top Secret MK-Ultra project), Crutcher was a CIA agent who was trained at 'The Farm' and was a dark occult 'adept' who could manipulate the ether using black magic. Suit said Paul did not follow 'Operational Security/Protocols' by failing to report they had kidnapped Ken and Nicole. 

Suit said the CIA would have said NO to admitting Nicole to the slave ring because she was trained by the U.S. government to be 'Co-Con'(co-conscious), especially during an abduction. 

Suit also said Ken would have been a NO because his military record was 'scrubbed clean'. Suit also admitted that Ken was sent to the slave ring by Timberwolf and Evergreen

George Bush Sr is Timberwolf and Hillary Clinton is Evergreen.  

In actuality, we were only given the illusion of being set free. 

They have continually kept us in their grips. 

We have been tortured & trafficked since 2001 in attempt to keep us silent and not tell the American public about military operations being performed on civilians. We escaped our abusers without getting "tased" (electroshocked) and this is how we are able to TELL what happened to us. Not one American agency or police officer will file any reports or investigate our claims. We have been tortured and human-trafficked by the Dixie Mafia boss, Jesse Oscar Carter, and the Clinton Crime Cabal.  We are the only vocal survivors of the Clinton & Dixie Mafia human-trafficking ring. 

*Note: Both Ken & Nicole are RH negative blood types

K-zar asked Chris LaFever if Nicole's blood was RH negative. 

Chris said yes. This was confirmed when we became pregnant with our son Brennen in 2009.

The Rh-negative blood type is very important to dark occultists like K-zar who practice blood magic/black magic.

Our son, Brennen, is also Rh-negative. 

*Nicole's Murfreesboro TN OB-GYN and his office appeared to be 'thrilled' to have a Rh-negative baby. The MD and his staff electroshocked us in his office more than once. This doctor also harvested Nicole's eggs when performing a tubal ligation. Nicole was barely anesthetized (aka 'twilight') and could hear what was said. 

WHY did a MD harvest Nicole's eggs? 

WHY did he tie her tubes after one child? 

*Here is an articled published on the National Institute of Health that says the humans can hear HEAR during operations

It is titled, 'Awareness during anesthesia: how sure can we be that the patient is sleeping indeed?'



Hello, my name is Ken and up until 9/11/2018, I was just a troubled veteran: homeless, penniless, and basically a ghost living on the edges of society- pitied if I was lucky, scorned if I wasn't, but mainly just ignored. 

For 20 years, I had horrible nightmares of wars and battles that my record does not mention. Something happened on 9/11/2018 because I started remembering things, lots of things, beginning with the memory of being placed into slavery by Hillary Clinton, at the command of George Bush Sr because I had prevented the  delivery of nuclear material to be constructed into portable, nuclear devices to be delivered and detonated in the United States beginning with 9-11-01 at the Twin Towers, code-named Operation Candlesticks. 

During the last few months, I have seen memories spanning all the way back to my toddler days and being made to squeal like a pig as George Bush Sr, aka 'Poppy', sodomized me and let his son, George Bush Jr, do the same. These are horrible things to remember, but in all honestly, they are not the worst memories I have had return. 

I was the first 100% Harmonically programmed child soldier. Poppy would brag about his big plans for me. I remember flying with a booster seat to see over the canopy and dropping bombs on targets as a child. 

I have been to everyone I can think of with crimes of one sort or another, but no one wants anything to do with this ...other than making it go away. Those in power do not want you to know about mind control and the deployment  of it on the civilian population which in 1997 was their ultimate goal. 

So me and my wife have decided the best way to protect ourselves and the only moral solution was to inform the public and OUT our perpetrators! History will judge our actions and God will stand with us as we help people see 'Through The Trance'

Thank you for visiting and check back often; we add information often to the website. 

Sincerely yours, 


Grab a cup of coffee, learn about our experiences, & enjoy exploring "Through The Trance".

Grab a cup of coffee, learn about our experiences, & enjoy exploring "Through The Trance".



Welcome to our website called "Through the Trance"

My name is Nicole and I am a multi-generational MK-Ultra Mind Control Presidential Model, often called a Monarch. My involvement in this covert government program began at birth and involved genetic engineering. 

A few of my code-names and/or references sound something like: Vorax, Draxyl, Dragon Seed, Moon Child, Star Child & Star Seed

For decades, I have been a prisoner of the CIA. 

My direct bloodline relative, Benjamin Bentley Allen, founded a Masonic lodge, called the 'Nashville Valley of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite' in 1904/1905. This is one reason why I was born into the MK-Ultra mind control program. In addition, one of my relatives married into Nazi war criminal, Hjalmar Schlacht's Luciferian family. This individual worked in the nuclear industry for decades in the United States.

My step-grandfather, Charles 'Chuck' 'Sugg' Goff, was a 33 degree Mason who conspired with K-zar (Jesse Carter) to put my (now deceased) mother, my father Terry, and me in slavery. In effort to do this, Chuck worked with K-zar and others to frame my dad for a double homicide. Several of my abusers said the homicide was actually an occult blood ritual and the reason my father was framed was because he 'kept breaking trance' and that they had difficulty keeping him under mind control. According to K-zar, Chuck Goff was related to my father's co-defendant, and he also said the co-defendant was a high-ranking wizard in K-zar's network. Cemetery records near Baxter, Tennessee also document the Goff relationship. According to my abusers, Chuck literally bought my grandmother at the Lodge, who was a Monarch 'trained' by the Order of the Rose. Chuck raised me in 'The Project' which included molesting me every day of my life and producing child pornography produced by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

Chuck Goff belonged to many secret societies in which he held high rank. A few examples of his associations are Masonic, Shriner, Order of the Moose/Elks Lodge, and AMVETS.  Chuck also belonged to a secret division within the military, later coined Shadow Force. Chuck Goff frequently called the 'Jolly Green Giant' (aka Jack Greene- the mind control 'Freedom Train Conductor' & Grand Ole Opry artist). Chuck did not respect many people, but he appeared to approve of the Jolly Green Giant's status. I have many memories of Chuck calling the Putnam County TN Sheriff and giving him 'orders'. Chuck loved to enjoyed boss people around with his position of  authority. When I was a child Chuck took me (prostituted/human trafficked) to see people who 'helped the government'. My grandfather said we 'helped the government' and explained he began helping the government while in the Navy. My grandfather called me his 'Pride & Joy' and 'Chosen One'. These are terms for Project Monarch candidates. 

Chuck often discussed how much money he would make using me and how high in the social realms we would climb.

Like in the book, "Trance Formation of America", my grandfather Chuck kept Grasshopper liquor drinks in the pantry for my grandmother and she frequently answered the phone only with certain ring patterns. She also got phone calls (orders/commands) from God. My mom told me that my grandmother was experimented on with electroshock therapy in mental health facilities. My grandmother babysat an infant named Jennifer while the mother worked. Most mornings I heard Chuck go to the baby's room and make it cry. Chuck victimized my sleepover guests, with 'permission' from their families! Chuck was a pedophile monster.

When I was a child, Chuck Goff said his friend Larry McMillan also 'helped the government'. Chuck said Larry was in law school and slated to become a Tennessee judge one day. Chuck explained that although I was a Presidential model and originally destined for White House level politics, I might one day have the option of working for Larry as a Law Clerk. Chuck said it was always good to have options. Flash forward to 2012 after our son Brennen was kidnapped in 2010, and much to my dismay the judge sitting on the bench looked familiar to me! Immediately, I looked over to Ken and said this judge looks like someone who sexually molested me as a kid with my grandfather Chuck Goff at the Lodge. I was correct. Along with many others, Chancellor McMillan broke into our Lebanon TN cabin after a 2014 Remand by the Tennessee Court of Appeals that displeased him for 'findings of facts and conclusions of law for mother's counterclaim for kidnapping, perjury, and abused of process'. 

Chancellor Laurence McMillan is the judge for Robertson County and Montgomery County. Larry's wife is also the mayor of Clarksville, TN in Montgomery County. 

This is extrinsic and intrinsic fraud! 

Ken and I were not allowed to proceed in this matter due to the filing of additional lawsuits filed by Brennen's aunt Kareena & uncle Scott. We were also arraigned by Chancellor McMillan for criminal contempt for a Facebook page and website called 'Bring Brennen Home'. Our parental rights to Brennen were terminated despite never being given access to the original Juvenile Court where Kareena Villeneuve had a secret ExParte (means one party present only) custody hearing while babysitting him. She was babysitting Brennen for several reasons. Kareena caught whooping cough while working at Vanderbilt and it made us sick. I had double-lung pneumonia and Ken had a severe respiratory infection. The other reason is Kareena and her husband's father, Linden Villeneuve, hypnotized us and accessed our MK Ultra mind control programming. This can be proven if the American government will read our biofield.

For years, I had re-occurring dreams in "flashes" of running through the woods naked and being electroshocked. 

(This must have terrified Joey Willis, who was one of my handlers on K-zar's slave ring at the time.)

When I had the running nightmares, I would wake up out of breath from the dreams, knowing they seemed so real...knowing I was remembering a genuine memory. Unfortunately I was amnesiac to my slavery in the Dantalion ring due to daily electric shock/stun guns/tazers. High-voltage torture can erase memories and is highly effective if used within two hours of an event they want you to forget. Usually a ritual would be performed while my captors had me tranced and hypnotized. MK-Ultra access keys, code words, patterns of numbers, physical spin rotations, triggers, and hypnosis were used to control me.  

Kareena of Greenbrier TN, Jeff Carter of Gladeville TN, Jesse Carter, and others often came to the Willis residence because my programming kept breaking. 

*I have heard myself "meow" on command. It appears I was experiencing co-consciousness while triggered into a MK-Ultra  Beta-kitten mode. A series of programming command lines/keys/codes/triggers were said and then I meowed on command! Over the years people have claimed they heard me meow when I was falling asleep while saying things like 'kitty cat go meow'. 

I have memories of 'hunting the hunters'  in accordance with my CIA training. A CIA-type officer called 'Suit' told Paul Crutcher they made a mistake in human hunting me due to my programming and he was surprised that I did not kill more of the people who hunted me in self-defense. Human hunting is called The Most Dangerous Game. Murdered slaves were usually buried onsite and may be found at 'Agee's' near Gordonsville, Tennessee. I was human hunted in other states, such as Alabama. 

I have suffered two spinal cord injuries from car accidents in 2004 & 2017. Injuries like these are a convenient way to keep me from remembering the things they wanted me to forget. I saw drones up-close that appeared to match the 'Avatar' brand when I lived in Tampa near MacDill Air Force base. My Tampa family also used their drone business, Drone Solutions LLC, to purchase a drone and target me because I was breaking programming and regaining memories. My aunt's former husband, Harry Hedaya, is also a pilot. I am gravely injured from the 2017 attempt on my life, have multiple discs (C2-C7, L4-L5, S1) compressing on my spinal cord, and a traumatic brain injury. My lawyer was involved in the cover-up of this 'hit' and was also my aunt/handler's attorney. DEMAND he be investigated and prosecuted for his participation in these crimes. I was even forced to sign a settlement check under duress, as noted by three periods of ellipsis before my name. 

Thank you for joining us @ThroughtheTrance and learning about our true, life story of (continually) trying to escape a human trafficking (mind controlled) slave ring. We hope to live another day while bringing our story to light, and finally find freedom from the cabal's slave ring, drones, and our son Brennen returned to us. 

Remember that criminals have a secret method to hide their crimes from us! This explains how human trafficking is a problem, yet we don't see it. It may also explain current "FF" events and how drug mules often claim they had no idea. 

Note: From our experience, 'they' all work together. The Illuminati, the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, the Dixie Mafia, other branches of mafia, Masonic societies, the Global Management Team, The Order of the Hidden Phoenix, Order of Malachi, black magic/ blood magic cult/cabal members, New World Order, Deep State, the KKK along with its covert 'new' names, the CIA, other ABC/law enforcement groups, biker gangs, music labels, music artists, and firefighters. 

We could add more to this list, but the point has been made.

In secret, those 'in the know' have been studying the brain, perfecting it to a fine art, and have a multitude of ways to alter the brain's chemical processes affecting memory. In addition, they have mastered manipulating bodily processes, referred to as body programs, such as allergies/histamine reactions, heartbeat, breathing, and body pains. Some say, mind control was perfected to create spies who could not think to tell their secrets and the spies death would occur before remembering or telling! 

Nicole in Lebanon TN at the Willis 'Wizard of Oz' programming house under hypnotic mind control.

Nicole in Lebanon TN at the Willis 'Wizard of Oz' programming house under hypnotic mind control.



From Clinton's Email Scandal, The College Admissions Scam, and Mass Shooters-Terrorism-Hypnosis

1. We have first-hand information on the Hillary Clinton email scandal, unsecured server, unaccounted for Blackberries and other devices. We have exclusive details regarding what Clinton did with the 'missing' Blackberries. We know WHO had Clinton's cell phones! We also know that HRC provided (and often 'sold') her passwords to members in her 'group'! We know why Hillary Clinton would request a new Blackberry, use it for a few days, then go back to her old Blackberry. We have details regarding the destruction of HRC's devices with hammers & the 'required' live video feed to Hillary Clinton proving that it was indeed her device being destroyed.

Ask yourself what happened to the 'new' Blackberries. 

#Clintonemailscandal #Blackberry #emailscandal #ClintonCabal #Luciferian

We have been ritually abused by Hillary Clinton, hypnotized and tranced with hypnotic mind control. Clinton also used other forms of mind control such as trauma based mind control, harmonic frequencies, and electric shock torture. 

Hillary Clinton and George Bush Sr sent Kenneth into K-zar's Dantalion slavery ring after he thwarted multiple nuclear attacks destined for deployment on the United States. Hillary sent Kenneth to his half-sister Kareena Villeneuve near Cookeville, Tennessee to 'manage' him while in the Dantalion ring with Dixie Mafia boss Jesse Oscar Carter who is nicknamed K-zar. 

K-zar is an international criminal and professes to be the leader of the Dixie Mafia and the Deep State/ Shadow Government/ NWO/ Luciferian cabal/ Clinton Crime Family and member of the CIA. He also had administrative access to the "Targeted Individual" list. K-zar did ensure Nicole and Kenneth were on the list of targeted individuals. #targetedindividuals #TI

#gangstalking #V2K #voiceofGodtechnology #directedenergyweapons #microwaveweapons #DEW #psychoelectronicweapons #patentedweapons #TeslaDeathRay #hiddentechnology #demanddisclosure 

#BcellAIDS #bioweapons #fungalinfections #lymecryme 

2. The Varsity Blues college admissions scam and William 'Rick' Singer. Nicole's maternal aunt Carrie, uncle Harry, and William 'Rick" Singer (they call him Rick) designed the college admissions scam in the late 1990's while living in the Los Angeles, California. Nicole's uncle, Harry Hidayatallah (changed named legally to Harry Hedaya) owned a company called REMAC- Real Estate Mortgage Acceptance Company around the time Rick Singer worked at The Money Store. Nicole was offered multiple potential jobs in the #collegescam. Such as: ACT/SAT test taker (proctor), administrative liaison for families using the college scam, accounting bookkeeper, Financial Controller, and finding 'new recruits'.

Her family used the college admissions scam to get their son and daughter into College of the Holy Cross and Fordham University. Their son plays baseball for Holy Cross. Carrie discussed with her friend that the reason for making the kids play sports was it 'looked good' (think alibi) and because it was 'good discipline' and 'good for them'. Their daughter was a competitive cheerleader prior to college. The son took his test in California and the daughter took hers in Texas. See blogs for more details.

3. Discreet, covert hypnosis is a factor in the wave of violence plaguing the planet. Do you wonder WHY there are so many 'shooters' and 'random' acts of violence? Domestic acts of terrorism, worldwide terrorism, and mass shooters, apparently have one thing in common. HYPNOSIS! 

These terrorism acts have been called 'False flags' by some. 

We do know that people can be TRIGGERED to cause the act of terrorism since Kareena admitted Dantalion has been programming people to kill since 2001. This is like a safety valve for the cabal. She said that National Security takes over managing the person, their memories, and their programming if they survive the terror act. She said her husband Scott uses his job in the National Guard to program people for terrorism, in event their mind control programming breaks. It appears Scott Villeneuve has some form of Human Resource position and also works on the sex crimes division. #saveourvets #mindcontrol #exposehypnosis

DEMAND a Federal investigation into our claims. 

4. We have reported our allegations to the United States regarding what we perceive to be Patriot Act violations and domestic acts of terrorism, but have heard nothing in return. Many of our abusers cite 'immunity' from criminal prosecution, even if they commit crimes that for regular citizens would be breaches of 'National Security'. ASK yourself, what if this IS true! 

DEMAND a Federal investigation into our claims. 

5. Nicole's has memories of conversations with one of her handlers (her maternal aunt, Carrie Hedaya*) discussing her friend, actress Rebecca Gayheart, and the murder of a 9 year old boy in Los Angeles, CA in 2001 who ran across the street for his soccer ball. 

Amnesiac to Carrie's involvement in Nicole's human trafficking and slavery in CIA Operation Dantalion due to various forms of mind control, Nicole called her aunt trying to get free from the slave ring. 

Carrie told the cabal/cult that Nicole had been making secret phone calls trying to get FREE! 

The slave ring had broken Nicole's ankle because she was a 'runner' and they sprained her arm. 

Nicole's aunt and uncle Harry Hedaya** came to Middle Tennessee various times when Kenneth and Nicole 'broke trance' and 'broke programming' in effort to perform occult rituals to erase their memories and reprogram them. 

Key members of the worldwide cabal, mafia, and occult groups also came to "fix" Kenneth and Nicole's faulty mind control programming. Black magic blood rituals, also known as S.R.A. (Satanic Ritual Abuse) or Luciferian ritual abuse were performed on Ken and Nicole. 

Some cabal members drove to these secret meetings, some flew in private jets, some flew commercial. DEMAND a Federal investigation into our claims. DEMAND an investigation into FAA flight logs. Not all members of the cabal/ Shadow government abided by FAA guidelines, but this is a good place to start. 

*Carrie Hedaya has changed her name many times. Also known as Carrie Hidayatallah, Carrie Charles, Carrie Twardy, and Carrie Prusa. She also alters the spelling of her middle name Lynn to Lyn. Hidayatallah is also spelled with a 'u" as in Hidayatullah. 

** Harry Hedaya has changed his name several times. Harry Hidayatallah. Murtaza Hidayatullah. He allegedly changed the spelling of Hidayatullah to remove the 'u' and replace it with an 'a' because of the Islamic "Hidayatullah" proselytization group and Middle East politicians. 

6. Our son Brennen Templeton was KIDNAPPED by occultists Kareena Villeneuve and her military officer Scott Villeneuve. Brennen's blood type is RH negative because both Kenneth and Nicole are RH negative. This is one reason within numerous other reasons why they stole our son. We filed a Metro Nashville police report in 2010, but the police did not investigate. Scott Villeneuve was a police officer in Brentwood TN, a town that borders Nashville. Scott was also a military officer at the time. 

We have been brutally raped, tortured, and electric shocked with our son Brennen by this cabal/cult. We reported this to Child Protective Services in Tennessee, but they refused to investigate our claims. 

Please send someone to check on our son who understands hypnosis and mind control. Our son has the standard 'straight across smile' that usually is an indicator of mind control. 

[Even the book, Trance-formation of America by genuine U.S. whistleblowers, Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, mention smiles that do not go up towards the eyes can be indicators of mind control.]

7. We have first-hand knowledge of multi-state and international drug trafficking, worldwide human trafficking, crimes against humanity, fraud, Color of Law crimes, money laundering, murder, attempted murder, human slavery hidden with hypnosis and mind control, aggravated perjury, kidnapping, torture, espionage, child pornography, pedophilia, blackmail, acts of war, terrorism, mass shooters, cannibalism, the human meat market trade within America, human meat discreetly served in regular restaurants, blood magic rituals, tax evasion, rape, electric shock torture, treasonous acts, and covert government operations on CIVILIANS!. While under mind control, we have been taken across the country by a criminal organization and personally witnessed crimes SO LARGE that the public deserves to know the truth. We've been brutally human trafficked for decades, tortured daily, and have frequently 'broke programming'- aka 'broke trance', and until now we have always been returned to our handlers, hypnotized again, and reprogrammed.

DEMAND a Federal investigation. 

DEMAND to know if people are given IMMUNITY from criminal prosecution, even for matters of National Security. 

Be the voice. Bring the change. 

Stop human trafficking. 

Stop mind control. 

Expose hypnosis.

Learn More

Want to know more? 

Visit our 'Through The Trance' Blog by clicking the blue box or use the Blog tab at the top of the page.



Be The Voice. 

Bring The Change. 

Stop human trafficking. 

Stop mind control. 

Expose hypnosis. 



Walk with us down memory lane.

While healing from MK Ultra Mind Control, we are experiencing two forms of "peace/piece". Pieces of memories previously lost due to mind control techniques while gaining peace from the cessation of "sub-loops" (meaning the internal dialog within the subconscious mind intended to literally drive us out of our minds to thwart memory retrieval, much like the heavily-researched "body programs").

*Visit our blog for additional memories.


Memory Alteration:

Cornerstone of Recovery in Louisville, TN performed memory wipes on both Ken & Nicole to destroy their neurotransmitters after we fell in love which caused our programming to break.

Glimpses into Kenneth's Memory Lane:

· Ken was sold for $65,000 to Lisa Anne Hatt Brown of Sparta, TN in a slave auction held by Dixie Mafia leader, Jesse Oscar Carter.

· Ken was on sale due to faulty mind-control programming. About half a dozen men were also on sale at the auction.

· As a child Ken endured weekly visits to the dentist for Harmonic-frequency programming.

Glimpses into Nicole's memory lane:

* Nicole's aunt Carrie Charles (aka Carrie Hedaya) & uncle Harry Hedaya (aka Harry Hidayatallah) have been involved in the college admission scandal since the beginning. Harry assisted William "Rick" Singer in fine-tuning the "business" design. (See BLOG tab for more details. Due to length, an upcoming blog has more info.)

· Mind control programming sessions.

· Forced hypnotism & forced into trance states of consciousness.

· Chemical memory wipes.

· Force-fed human meat.

· Stun guns. Tasers (have projectiles). Other electric shock devices including car batteries.

· Chained by the neck inside a soundproof room in the Scottish Rite, ritually abused by Freemasons and in occult rituals. Satanic Ritual Abuse is often called “S.R.A.”

· Left eye pulled out of socket in a programming ritual. (Start examining eye shape in celebrities, media, politicians, authorities, etc for examples of this eye procedure.)

· Various types of TORTURE equipment, torture tables, having my breasts IRONED with hot rocks.

· Child pornography produced by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with Chuck Goff's consent.

· Frequent vaginal & urinary infections as a child (sex abuse). I also trained with Michael Aquino in the 80’s & the TN lodge all caught STD’s from the “programming sessions”. 

· Psychological torture and mind games.

· Forced sex slave as a child and throughout my adulthood.

· Forced to consume artificial sweetener soda/gum/candy (assists in mind control).

· Water& food deprivation.

· Sensory deprivation tanks.

· Burnt feet from walking on fire. 

· Disembowelment racks.

· Urinated on by Freemasons including David Clemons of Baxter/Silver Point, TN ares. This was a programming session. 

· Chuck Goff prostituting Nicole as a child to local business men, politicians, martial artists, judges, police men.

· Electric shocked & raped by over half a dozen Tennessee Highway Patrol officers at the co-ordination of a county police officer in a “safe house”.

· Perpetrators performed organized skits for trauma/programming purposes.

· Costume nights with my step-grandfather Chuck Goff the "Lodge".

· Screen memory implants. (These are the fake memories used to hide the real event). Example: Justun Chaffin used a hammer to break Nicole’s ankle because the slave ring broke ankles on ALL RUNNERS. The screen memory they implanted was Nicole broke her ankle in a 4x4 Jeep accident. 

· Ritually abused & spelled by dark occultists.

· Human hunting as in "Most Dangerous Game". David Clemons was responsible for taking me to a private club on private property named Agees near Gordonsville, TN to be human hunted. Justun Chaffin (a CIA Finder and Freemason) also took me to Agees for human hunting and torture. They broke my ankle and sprained my arm there because I was a “runner”. The broken bones were to keep me from escaping the slave ring. 

· Human hunted in other states. Landlord Mike Hunter and his NASA mind control programmer, Mary Hunter, human hunted me as an adult in Alabama.

· Human hunted as a child on the same Alabama property. Mike Hunter triggered Nicole’s memory when he told the story of “women” (Beta sex slaves) being at a 1000+acre land parcel where a man (Dixie Mafia/cabal) would throw change in the driveway for the kids to pick up so the kids didn’t see what was happening to their mothers. 

· Harmonic- frequency mind control programs at the dental office as a child. Included pulsing lights, harsh sounds, and some cartoons). (NOTE: 2 teeth with solid metal filings were put in at this time). (Our son, Brennen, had ALL of his teeth capped by Scott & Kareena Villeneuve.  Please demand someone evaluate him for mind control programming and hypnosis.)

· Also, at the infamous Bohemian Grove.

Memories at Nicole's schools: 

· Frequent "hearing tests" (harmonic frequency programming).

· Being forced to stare at multi-colored spinning tops to hypnotize & trance me during "counseling" sessions.

· Being forced to consume purple colored drinks during counseling that gave me stomach aches.

· Drawing bloody pictures appearing Satanic/Luciferian ritualistic in nature. 

· The pictures included piles of bones, blood, and ritual knives. 

· Abused during Girl Scout Brownie events.

· The reason for my school "counseling" was my father's involvement in the double homicide; however, this was not the case at all. Instead it was a way to continue my mind control programming during school while evading detection. 

· My Putnam County, TN elementary school took yearly trips to NASA at Huntsville, Alabama.

· Many high-grade earning students went to "Space Camp" during summer vacation. 

· My grandfather also discussed programs at military bases and amusement parks.

An Example of a Stop on K-zar's Slave Ring: (More on our BLOG tab):

· The Willis family of 2655 Holloway Road Lebanon, TN kept (kidnapped and tortured) Nicole (and Ken) for "K-zar" (Jesse Carter) by using tasers daily, electric shock, hypnosis, black magic spells & rituals, & MK-Ultra mind control programming. 

· If Jesse could not come, his cousin Jeff Carter of Gladeville TN would come. 

· Kareena Villeneuve, Paul Crutcher, & other members of Operation Dantalion also came to Joseph Ryan Willis’ parent’s house. (Joseph Ryan also uses the names “Joe” & “Joey”).

· Kareena brought Joey/Dee/Ron stronger stun guns and tazers because the one they had didn't work.  

· One stun gun she purchased and delivered to the Willis’ house was called “The Runt” and it was rechargeable. 

· The Runt was 20 million volts! Sometimes Nicole & Ken were hit every few minutes with a stun gun because our bodies had adapted to the repeated trauma of electric shock.

· Kareena told Joey & Dee to not let Nicole watch the TV show "Blindspot" anymore because it was waking her up/giving her memories. 

· Kareena told them to let her watch "Dancing with The Stars" instead. She said the dancing "spins" and NLP/MK-Ultra programming hand signs would help keep Nicole "under". 

· Joey often used the verbal comment “four spins” or “spins four times” regarding a dog in the house; however, the dog did not always make four spins! (Jesse Carter/ aka K-zar) said he let Joey Willis practice handling Nicole and Joey’s specialty is “riding the lightning” (aka electroshock). 

· Joey’s favorite thing to do was electroshock Nicole and s*d*mizing her at the same time to create electric spasms in the an*s. 

Now that Nicole is gone, who is Joey’s new victim to “practice” on?


Spread the word. Tell your neighbor. Tell those close to you. 

No law enforcement has yet to help us. 

We know the PUBLIC can make it happen!

Demand to know about CIA Operation Dantalion & other criminal rings running inside the United States. 

Free all of u.s. from authority-sanctioned mind control operations hidden by the National Security Act of 1974 and the 1988 Reagan Amendment. 

Read the CIA declassified documents on our RESEARCH tab and visit the website called “The Black Vault” for information on hypnosis from the 1950’s to understand what they could do nearly 100 years ago! 

President Obama signed an executive order LEGALIZING PROPAGANDA in 2013 under the NDAA and Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012. 

Lying to the American public is now 100% legal.

National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) included an amendment that legalized the use of propaganda. This nullified the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion. 

Now we have the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, which passed as part of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. 

Propaganda in America is legal!

A key to finding truth is to DIG DEEP beyond the headlines, read for yourself, let your creative mind begin searching for true answers. 

With the electromagnetic spectrum weaponized for use in cell phones, television, light & sound harmonics, secret hypnosis created with devices, and subliminal messages, they have been able to stifle creative thinking. 

(Search unclassified PATENT databases for information on these topics.) 

Ask yourself when is the last time you daydreamed in creative thought processes? 

Mind control is not a peaceful state of mind, it is sinister & can keep you from finding true peace.

Mind control is not a peaceful state of mind, it is sinister & can keep you from finding true peace.