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We are "MK-Ultra slaves" who fell in love while hostage in CIA Operation Dantalion near Cookeville, TN. 

This is our journey. 

Welcome to Through The Trance

We are healing from a lifetime of MK-Ultra Mind Control, human trafficking, ritual abuse, and torture. 

Background information

We, Kenneth and Nicole, are mind controlled slaves of the Deep State. Our mind control programming broke in ~2001 when we (secretly) fell in love while slaves in CIA Operation Dantalion. 

Love is an emotion and, like colors, emotions emit frequencies. 

The frequency of love and the heart's electromagnetic energy field helped shatter our mind control programming. Because we gained conscious awareness of their criminal activities when our mind control programming broke, our abusers continued to keep us in mind controlled slavery and refocused their methods for keeping us 'under' their CONtrol.

This facet of Operation Dantalion was located in the Middle Tennessee area. 

Similar Deep State operations and mind control 'slave rings' are covertly running in the United States right now. 

We have been HELD AGAINST OUR WILL since 2001 and brutally maintained to keep us amnesiac (forced memory alteration/erasure) and tranced with methods such as: 

* Covert hypnosis

* Forced 'tranced' states of consciousness

* NLP. Neuro-Linguistic Programming

* NAC. Neuro-Associative Conditioning

* Multiple daily electric shocks

* Harmonic frequency mind control programming 

* Trauma-based mind control

* 'SRA' Satanic Ritual Abuse mind control programming (Luciferian Dark Occult) 

* Decades of extensive human trafficking/rape/sodomy

* Torture methods and equipment 

* Food and water deprivation 

* Memory erasure/alteration 

* MK Ultra mind control

We NEED your help. 

DEMAND a Federal investigation into our allegations. 

As recently as 2018/2019, 

we were tortured (again) for telling the true story of our mind controlled slavery and creating the website.

Also, we were electrocuted, kidnapped, and tortured by the cabal/Deep State while we were exercising our right to 'Fair Housing' by submitting a complaint to the D.O.J. for a fraudulent eviction. 

(The driver of the vehicle, Jonathan Blackmore, nearly killed Nicole on 10.7.17 while she was stopped at a red light. The driver's brother-in-law, Patrick Guercio, was the Property Manager who fraudulently evicted Nicole immediately after she received surgery for injuries sustained in crash.) 

*Nicole sustained extensive injuries of the spinal cord, brain, spinal discs, both knees, neck, and back. 

We escaped the Florida branch of K-zar's criminal network in 2019 but were also held hostage in Georgia, Tennessee, and Michigan, as well as other places not mentioned on this website and only recently got 'further' away from the cabal. 

K-zar is the main alias of our abuser Jesse Carter.

K-zar operated mind controlled human trafficking slave rings

K-zar is intertwined in financial money matters for the Deep State/cabal/New World Order.

K-zar bragged about his history with the 'Clinton Crime Family'.

K-zar claims he is the main boss of the Dixie Mafia

K-zar is a member of the Deep State (aka NWO-New World Order) and is a Luciferian, dark occult wizard. 

K-zar was well-connected in the worldwide criminal organization coined the 'octopus' by journalist Danny Casolaro. Casolaro died while investigating this 'Deep State Octopus'.

K-zar said the world was secretly managed by evil elites. In effort to convince us of this, he took us to numerous Deep Stte cabal members for purposes such as: human trafficking/forced prostitution, occult ritual abuse, torture modalities, repeated rapes and traumas.

As we were trying to escape the Florida branch of K-zar's network, we notified every branch of law enforcement, mainstream news, politicians, and any place that could assist us in finding safety; however, we did not find anyone to investigate or file reports. 

Even though we informed law enforcement of our abuse (such as gang rapes, brutally tortured, and food/water deprived), no law enforcement would file reports or investigate citing 'lack of jurisdiction'! Some agencies do not respond to our requests for help. 

Without reports being filed; the truth is suppressed from public knowledge.

This is not the first time we escaped our abuser's cabal.

Previously, when we escaped we were taken back to our abusers. 

Designated human trafficking safe zones such as hospitals are compromised. 

The 911 Emergency phone line is compromised. 

Physicians have treated us (with knowledge of our status as mind control slaves) within the cabal and have placed us in hypnotic trances while in the doctor office. 

The DEEP STATE plan implemented by the cabal placed human trafficking signs to CATCH anyone attempting to escape human trafficking or with faulty mind control programming.

Matters regarding mind control and the techniques used to implement it are intentionally withheld from public knowledge citing 'National Security' , the National Security Act of 1947, Amendments, and other applicable laws, treaties, codes, and ordinances.

It is time to REPEAL the National Security Act of 1947 and its Reagan-era Amendment of 1988.

The Constitution should protect us from these covert weapons, but it is not able to offer any modicum of protection from mind control while these measures of CONtrol are still in place.   

Research mind control, how it appears seamless and undetectable

Mind control is used to hide criminal activities, including but not limited to, human trafficking/prostitution, trafficking of children, drug manufacturing & distribution, drug mules, pornography, modern day slavery, and other horrible crimes

Note: We recovered our memories due to the frequency of an emotion: LOVE

We did not recover our memories using hypnosis or psychological 'talk therapy' .

Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien said it best in Access Denied: For Reasons Of National Security

"It is not what you remember, but HOW you remember". 

***Disclaimer- We are not medical professionals and are not formally educated or licensed in any area of psychology, psychiatry, medicine, or science. This website contains our first-hand testimony of our experiences and opinions, our personal research, and is provided for research purposes only. This website is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any illness or disease. Seek a licensed medical professional if you need medical help


CIA Operation Dantalion

CIA Operation Dantalion is in Cookeville, Tennessee and the surrounding areas. Other CIA operations are being performed on civilians. Another example is a drug-trafficking ring for the Dixie Mafia, the movie 'Traffic', and how certain people have avoided proper criminal prosecution for their crimes, often claiming they have immunity from prosecution, even for matters of National Security.

Seal of Dantalion

The 71st Seal of Soloman is Dantalion's seal.

Dantalion is referred to as a Fallen Angel and a Great Duke & Mighty of Jinnestan/Hell. He governs 36 Legions of Demons/Spirits. 

Many in the Dantalion slave ring belong to secret societies and/or cults/covens. These dark occultists are Luciferians/Satanists who use covert hypnosis and practice blood magic, hypnotic mind control, trauma-based mind control, and SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse).



WHO- Kenneth and Nicole

WHAT- Two MK Ultra mind control projects since birth, who were later placed into slavery. Mind control and hypnosis are used to hide the "new form" of slavery and human trafficking.

WHEN- We fell in love in 2001 and the LOVE broke our mind control programming. Study the electromagnetic energy field of the heart to understand how LOVE can effect the human biofield/morphogenic field/torodial energy field; thereby, enabling the "programming" to break. We did not get set free in 2001, but were only given the appearance of freedom, as they moved us throughout the slave ring.

WHERE- Middle Tennessee in CIA Operation Dantalion near Cookeville. This is not limited to Tennessee. We've been tortured in every state we lived in by this cabal: Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, and Michigan. 

WHY- We survived decades of human trafficking, brutal torture, torture equipment, countless rapes, mind control, hypnosis, food & water deprivation, daily electroshock (stun guns/ tasers), forced to perform in pornography as a child, Masonic temple abuse, sexually abused daily as a child, force-fed human meat, and Satanic ritual abuse by Luciferian occult members. We have detailed information about the Deep State (formerly called NWO) due to K-zar bragging about his activities in the criminal enterprise when he kidnapped us. K-zar (Jesse Oscar Carter) professes to be the main boss of the Dixie Mafia, a key member in the Clinton Crime Cabal, a member of the Deep State, CIA, a dark occultist (black magic), belongs to secret societies, supervises CIA Finders, and is an international kingpin who trafficks drugs, prohibited materials, and is a prolific human trafficker of all ages and genders, but prefers children. 

We are survivors of CIA MK Ultra mind control:who were placed in slavery in CIA Operation Dantalion.
We are survivors of CIA MK Ultra mind control:who were placed in slavery in CIA Operation Dantalion.


If We Die, Disappear, or Change Our Story...

We have received numerous death threats since we began remembering what we were tortured to forget. From body outlines in chalk, to blatant death threats, to outrageous acts of libel, slander, and defamation of character on social media-all committed by this network of abusers to SILENCE us. If we ever disappear, change our story, or die...they got to us. We are not suicidal. We, Kenneth and Nicole, are sane, sober, and of sound mind. 

Please research our information, share this website, and tell our story. 

One of our abusers, Tommy Moore/Doyal, (hypnotist) has a ALTAR hidden in his home. This is his pic!
One of our abusers, Tommy Moore/Doyal, (hypnotist) has a ALTAR hidden in his home. This is his pic!


The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Frequency

The human body and it's organs produce electromagnetic energy.

The human body produces electromagnetic emissions in the Extremely Low Frequency band (commonly called ELF Band).  

Here is a 2005 article from the Czech Republic University of Defense published in the MEASUREMENT SCIENCE REVIEW, Volume 5, Section 2, 2005 titled, "Human Electromagnetic Emission In The ELF Band" by  J. Lipkova and J. Cechak at the Radar Department, Faculty of Military Technology, University of Defense, Kounicova 62, 612 00, Brno, Czech Republic. 

DNA: Reprogrammed By Words & Frequencies

The frequency of LOVE breaks mind control programs stored in the human Biofield. We're living proof!

Read published medical research on the PubMed website.

This link is for the PubMed article titled "DNA As A Fractal Antenna In Electromagnetic Fields"

PubMed is the website for the U.S. National Library of Medicine-National Institute of Health. 

Here is the home page link to PubMed on NCBI's website (NCBI is the National Center for Biotechnology Information).

Here is the home page link to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

The Heart’s Field Is The Strongest In The Body.

An EEG can read the heart’s frequency spectrum from three feet away, without electrodes!

Like the brain, the heart has neurons too. The heart has approximately 40,000 neurons, communicates with the brain, and has a network of neurotransmitters, proteins, and is an emotionally intelligent organ that communicates with the brain. The heart's electromagnetic field may be 5,000 times more powerful than the brain. 

Experiments conducted at the Heart Math Institute have found remarkable evidence that the heart’s electromagnetic field can transmit information between people. An exchange of heart energy between individuals was measured to reach up to 5 feet. They also found that one person’s brain waves can actually synchronize to another person’s heart. 



(A letter from Einstein to his daughter)

“When I proposed the theory of relativity, very few people understood me and what I will now reveal to be transmitted to humanity will also be confronted with the misunderstanding and prejudice of the world.

I ask you to keep the letters for as many years, decades as necessary, until society has advanced enough to accept what I will explain below.

There is an extremely powerful force, for which science has not yet found an official explanation. It is a force that encompasses and governs all and is even behind any phenomenon that exists within the universe and has not yet been recognized by us. This universal power is LOVE.

When scientists were looking for a unified theory of the universe, they forgot the most powerful invisible force.

Love is Light, shining at those who offer it and receive it.
Love is gravity because it makes some people attracted to others.
Love is power, because it multiplies the good in us, and allows humanity not to disappear into its blind selfishness.
Love unfolds and reveals.
For Love we live and die.
Love is God and God is Love.

This power explains everything and gives meaning to life. This is the variable we have ignored for a long time, perhaps because we are afraid of love because it is the only energy in the universe that man has not learned to turn into will.

To make love visible, I made a small replacement to my most famous equation. If instead of E = mc2, we accept that the energy for the healing of the world can be found by the multiplication of love on the velocity of light in the square, we come to the conclusion that love is the most powerful force that exists because it has no limits .

After humanity’s failure to use and control the other forces of the universe that have turned against us, it is urgent to maintain ourselves with another kind of energy. If we want our species to survive, if we are going to find meaning in life, if we want to save the world and every sensitive being that lives in it, love is the one and only answer.

Perhaps we are not yet ready to build a love bomb, a device strong enough to completely destroy hatred, selfishness and greed that wipe out the planet. However, each one carries within him a small but powerful love generator, whose energy is waiting to be released.

When we learn to give and take this ecumenical energy, dear Lieserl, we will have confirmed that love overcomes everything, can overcome everything, because love is the quintessence of life.

I deeply regret not being able to express what is in my heart, which has been quiet for you all my life. Maybe it’s not too late to apologize, but as time is relative, I need to tell you that I love you and that thanks to you I have reached the last answer.

Your father
Albert Einstein

(Our abusers discussed how their criminal cabal (i.e. criminal organization) discredited the validity of this letter using methods of disinformation such as discrediting that Einstein had this daughter, making false allegations to his daughter's mental health, having "specialists" refute the validity of this document, & that they could not allow for the world to know that LOVE is the strongest force in the universe.)

*Note: Even Jesus left a new commandment about LOVE! 

**Einstein said he modified the equation of E = mc2 to include LOVE!

LOVE can be measured and is the most powerful force in the universe.

#Loveisthegreatesthealer #Loveispowerful #Lovemore #Lovepeople



Tabitha Tudors of Nashville was killed by cannibals. Look in deep Mid TN sinkholes.

Tabitha Tudors of Nashville

Tabitha was "found" in 2003 by members of a cannibal cult and died on day 6 of her being tortured in front of us in a cave by the cannibals. The cannibals had her captive one day prior to bringing her to the cave. Tabitha's meat tasted bad to them because she was not afraid. She did not produce ADRENOCHROME & her meat tasted SOUR to them. 

Tabitha sang hymns & quoted the bible with us (we were all strapped from head-to-toe in chairs) as they cut on her. Because Tabitha did not fear her abusers, they could not eat her. Instead the cannibals threw pieces of her into the fire! Tabitha felt no pain and was clearly with Jesus when she died. 

 *Look for her body in a deep sinkhole in TN, wrapped in a rug. 

**No one will investigate our claims because the one's investigating were part of the cannibal cult. This was said by the very cannibals who had her. 


Unknown Male Murdered by TN Cannibals

A man was eaten alive while Ken & Nicole were forced to watch. We were told if we renounced Jesus Christ as our savior, they would quit eating the male victim. If we can get the ANTIDOTE to the chemical memory wipe given to us, then we can provide his name and information for his family to have closure. This guy said he had a wife and kids. 

*Ken and Nicole witnessed many other victims die, not just this unknown man. If you are missing a loved one from any location in America, DEMAND that Ken & Nicole be given the antidotes to the memory-erasing drugs given to see if it is your family member. 

*When undergoing trauma like this, the human body photographically records the events of the trauma. This is reported to be the case in professionally-trained CIA MK-Ultra mind control persons like us. We WANT to help, please share this information so we CAN help!


Holly Bobo of Tennessee

We were told that Holly's "finders" were unable to sell  her on the black market because it was "too hot". The Tennessee trial did not mention "Satanic Ritual Abuse" but in our opinion, this was a branch of the same criminal enterprise. 

*Visit the website for information from a Florida private investigator who solved the Bobo case, long before the TN TBI did. 

*Many people feel this case was a travesty of justice, especially because several individuals including Jason Autry were offered immunity. Online information stated Jason Autry served little prison time before being offered the possibility of parole (6 months), possibly for a gun/weapons charge. Riverbend Maximum Security Prison in Tennessee does not have detailed information available at this time; however, here is the link. Holly deserved better justice than she received in Tennessee. We can help provide more information and prevent this network of criminals from taking/finding any more victims. Please demand we receive the antidote to the chemical memory "wipes" given to us that alter the brain's neurotransmitters. 


Be the voice. Bring the change. 

Stop Human Trafficking. Stop Mind Control. 

We have been held prisoner with torture, black hypnosis, frequent high voltage electric shocks, and mind control techniques by the Deep State/ New World Order 'OCTOPUS' that journalist Danny Casolaro died attempting to expose. 

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